Fidelity Bank Aptitude Test Past Questions
Fidelity Bank Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers PDF
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Fidelity Bank Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers PDF

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Fidelity Bank Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers PDF. Download the up to date Fidelity Bank recruitment past questions and answers PDF on this page. The screening interview questions of Fidelity bank has been compiled and uploaded online for easy download, also to aide adequate preparation.

If you applied for a job in Fidelity Bank and you’re yet to attain the interview or screening session, you need to read this more than any other person.

The essence of compiling the Fidelity Bank recruitment past questions and answers to assistant or provide guidance to applicants of job in this financial institution.

Being a banker generally and specifically gaining employment as a Fidelity Bank staff is a great achievement because of the benefits involved.

To provide yourself most qualified for his job, you need to pass the interview screening or aptitude test which may be conducted online or offline but which everywhere you’re covered by this material.

Yes, it is very possible to study the Fidelity Bank past questions only and pass the interview or aptitude test with flying colours.

Must I Get Fidelity Bank Recruitment Past Questions

First, I’d like to say it is not mandatory but below are benefits and ways which this material can help you achieve success Fidelity Bank recruitment.

  • Through this material, you will have a preview of the questions you should expect
  • You will have a better Idea of what your own interview/aptitude questions would be
  • It will help build self confidence
  • Areas which needs more concentration will be discovered
  • By first attempting the questions, you will discover areas which you needs corrections and improvement.

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Sample of Fidelity Bank Recruitment Past Questions

An Accountant in public practice can offer all the following services, EXCEPT

  • Preparation of Annual Financial Statements.
  • Corporate financial advice.
  • Performing executive accounting functions.

The scope and nature of an auditor’s contractual obligation to a client is set out in the

  • Management letter.
  • Scope paragraph of the auditor’s report.
  • Engagement letter.
  • Circularisation letter.

An auditor, who is expected to practise the profession, should be

  • A body corporate.
  • An officer of the company.
  • A member of a recognised professional accountancy body.
  • A servant of the company.

Which Agency of Government is responsible for the taxation of Limited Liability Companies in Nigeria?

  • Education Tax Fund Office.
  • Federal Inland Revenue Service Board.
  • Federal Inland Revenue Service.
  • State Internal Revenue Service.

The title of the head of the Federal Inland Revenue Service Board is

  • Executive Chairman.
  • President.
  • Director.
  • Director-General.

The legislations, passed by Acts of National and State Assemblies and Bye-laws by Local Government authorities in a democratic government, are called

  • Statute laws.
  • Common laws.
  • General laws.
  • Government laws.

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