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ICPC Past Questions and Answers Download PDF Up to Date
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ICPC Past Questions and Answers Download PDF Up to Date

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Download the up to date Independent Corrupt Practices Commission ICPC past questions and answers for the ongoing recruitment examination exercise.

If you applied for ICPC recruitment then definitely you need this material to help you start preparation on time.

As an applicant of the Independent Corrupt Practices Commission (ICPC) you priority is to become successful by gaining employment. Yes, that’s very possible read on.

ICPC Past Questions and Answers

The Independent Corrupt Practices Commission is one of the most active force commission with the main goal of fetching out corrupt citizens in the country.

Prior to this, thousands of candidates or citizen across the country needs the privilege to work in this commission. This simply means you’re not the only one that applied but you can be amongst the few shortlisted candidates. How is this possible?

The possibility is very simple, all you need is pass the screening examination or aptitude test as some people call it.

To help you achieve this, we have compile the ICPC past questions from previous screening in a PDF format to help you prepare adequately for the screening.

See below the benefits that awaits you preparing with this material.

Merits of Having or Preparing with ICPC Past Questions

As a prerequisite for adequate preparation, the ICPC screening past questions is mandatory but most importantly, the merits below is achievable through this material.

  • Having a foresight of what the screening questions looks like.
  • Understanding the marking scheme and questions pattern.
  • Self-assessment, through this material you will discover your area of weakness and strength then improve on it.
  • This material contains answers which will help you learn at the same time.
  • Your self-confidence will be boosted.

How is ICPC Exams Questions Like?

The ICPC interview questions is derived from general knowledge about the Independent Corrupt Practices Commission, Current Affairs, Mathematics and English Language.

How to Download

To download the ICPC recruitment past questions either click on DOWNLOAD NOW at the start of this page to process your payment online.


Payment can simply be made offline by making payment into the account below.

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How to Get Material after Payment

Once your payment is successful, send proof to 09015127537 via WhatsApp or Call 07087135843. Note that immediately your payment is received, the material will be sent to your email or WhatsApp based on which you prefer.

Sample of ICPC Past Questions

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) is based on the resolution of the?

  • Human Right Watch.
  • United Nations Organization.
  • Amnesty International.
  • League of Nations.

Which of the following is a function of the Independent Corrupt Practices Commission

  • Administering Oath of office to elected officers.
  • Conducting Periodic Elections.
  • Recruitment of Electoral Officers.
  • Registration of political parties.
  • Fetching out Corrupt Citizens.

What year was the first TV station in Nigeria launched_________

The two horses on the coat of arm of Nigeria stand for?___________

The highest court in Nigeria is?

  • Court of Appeal.
  • Supreme Court.
  • Federal High Court.
  • Magistrate court.

The first military president of Nigeria was?

  • Sanni Abacha.
  • Ibrahim Babangida.
  • Aguiyi Ironsi.
  • Yakubu Gowon.


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