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Shell Recruitment Test Past Questions and Answers PDF. You can download from this page the up to date version of Shell Online Test past questions with solutions.

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Did you apply for Shell recruitment? If yes then the next step is to start preparing for the examination. Prior to this, we have available for download the up to date Shell past questions and answers.

About Shell Online Test Past Questions

Shell is one of the most outstanding Oil Company in Nigeria and Africa at large. It is indeed a good ambition of being a Shell staff but the only way to inherit any vacant position in the company is by passing the Shell job aptitude test.

Shell online test assessment has always been the way to screen qualify candidates and appointment to various vacant positions.

To ensure you’re well guided and prepared for attitude then you need Shell past Questions and Answers.

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Shell Online Test Sample Questions

………………is not a dye stuff.

  • Rayon
  • Dylon
  • Fast
  • Pigment

Cold and hot dyes are dye types.

  • True
  • False
  • True and false
  • True or false.

In Nigeria, which culture is NOT said to have very early bead history?

  • Igbo-Ukwu
  • Ife
  • Benin
  • Oyo

What are findings in jewelry making?

  • They are little metals and plastics made to enable you the finished beadwork.
  • Metallic substances that attract small beads together for easy holding.
  • They are little metals and plastics that come between beaded beads D. They are metal substances that create their own interesting patterns in beadwork.

The local goldsmith tools are made by the ………………..

  • Machine turner
  • Blacksmith
  • Iron bender
  • Tool miller

One of these goldsmith tools cannot be easily fabricated locally in Nigeria?

  • Butane gas cylinder
  • Lamp with woolen wick
  • Crucibles
  • Forge and bellows

What are the draw plates and draw tongs used for in jewelry making?

  • For making finer wires.
  • Drawing patterns used in jewelry design.
  • For pulling metals to align in place
  • For decorating beads.


  • Aids the chemicals reaction process of the metal
  • Improves the ferrous contents
  • Slows the melting process of the metal in the crucible
  • Quickens the melting process of metal in the crucibles.

The Kano pits were famous for…………….

  • Goldsmithing
  • Blacksmithing
  • Cloth dyeing
  • Firing clay.

………………………is ceramic product made from comparatively fine clay and fired at moderately high temperature.

  • Earthen ware
  • Stoneware
  • China
  • Porcelain

…………………… an expression used to describe the quality of a work of art that appeals to the sense of touch.

  • Textural value
  • Tactile value
  • Facile value
  • Textural quality

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