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Sigma Pension Past Questions and Answers PDF is available for download on this page.  Are you searching for Sigma Pension recruitment past questions?

Did you apply for Sigma Pension recruitment? Was the application successfully submitted? What do you know about Sigma Pension job test? What do you think should be the next line of action?

This may be the first time of attempting job interview or Sigma Pension in particular but whatever be the case the priority is passing the screening test and gain employment which is our main focus.

We have made available the ultimate guide for success as long as Sigma Pension recruitment screening exercise is involve ad this is the past questions and answers.

Sigma Pension past questions is in Portable Document Format (PDF) and can be downloaded on any device and maybe printed out if hard copy is required.

About Sigma Pension Past Questions

Sigma Pension job aptitude past questions is simply a compilation of previous screening test exercise and accurate answers has been provided.

The areas which this material covers include; Numerical ability test, Verbal ability test, Diagrammatic reasoning ability and MS Excel/IT/Banking skills.

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Sample of Sigma Pension Past Questions

What do the letters EOQ stand for?

  • Estimated Order Quantity
  • Economic Order Quantity
  • Estimated Order Quality
  • Economic Order Quality

The EOQ of an item is calculated using the annual demand together with the___________ cost and the __________ cost.

  • Direct and Variable costs
  • Indirect and Holding costs
  • Direct and Ordering costs
  • Ordering and Holding costs

In a materials processing operation, which of the following process type is associated with the highest volume and lowest variety?

  • Job shop
  • Batch process
  • Mass process
  • Continuous process

In the product life cycle what is the correct order of the main phases?

  • Maturity, Growth, Saturation, Decline
  • Growth, Maturity, Saturation, Decline
  • Growth, Saturation, Growth, Decline
  • Maturity, Saturation, Growth, Decline

Which management approach is most likely where the home country dominates procedures and practices?

  • Geocentric
  • Polycentric
  • Multinational
  • Ethnocentric

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