FUNAAB JUPEB Past Questions and Answers Pdf Updated

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Sample Questions

The process of getting involved in the political activity of a society is called

  • Political education
  • Political philosophy
  • Culture
  • Political rascality

Public Administration refers to the study of:

  • Public Philosophy
  • Political Sociology
  • Public Policy
  • Public Relations

Local Government authority is associated with:

  • National development
  • State development
  • Grassroots development;
  • Inter-state development

Under which system of government does executive power reside with a single individual?

  • Presidential system;
  • Parliamentary system;
  • Cabinet system,
  • Titular system

The classical idea of direct democracy originated from

  • Britain
  • Greece
  • United States
  • France

The organs of government include the following, EXCEPT ——————-

  • Executive
  • Legislature
  • Judiciary
  • Bureaucracy

————— economy is centrally planned and regulated

  • Capitalist
  • Authoritarian
  • Socialist
  • Liberalist

————- is a basic tenet of Marxist doctrine.

  • Biblical materialism
  • Constructive materialism
  • Dialectical materialism
  • Structural materialism

The following are the functions of political party, EXCEPT ———

  • Mobilization of the masses
  • Recruitment of leaders
  • Socialization of leaders
  • Harassment of citizens

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