UNICAL Post UTME Past Questions
UNICAL Post UTME Past Questions & Answers Download PDF
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UNICAL Post UTME Past Questions & Answers Download PDF

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Download University of Calabar – UNICAL Post UTME past questions and answers on this page. We have the comprehensive past questions & answers of University of Calabar.

Candidates of University of Calabar that wish to be successful in the forthcoming Post UTME examination can download the past questions & answers here.

Just in case you are still debuting if you should still get the UNICAL Post UTME past questions, relax as the benefits and advantage of having this past question is disclose below.

UNICAL Post UTME that will be gotten from us covers the following faculties;

  • Science
  • Social Science
  • Arts
  • Law
  • Management Science
  • Medicine and Surgery
  • Agriculture
  • Forestry and Wildlife resources

This means with by getting UNICAL post UTME exams questions from us, you will adequate prepare in any of the above mentioned faculties.

Benefits of Getting UNICAL Post UTME

There are unlimited benefits which this past questions provide for a candidates preparing for UNICAL post UTME, important ones are highlighted below.

  • It will boost the self –confidence of the candidate
  • The candidate will have a pre-knowledge about UNICAL Post UTME
  • Marking scheme and other vital things will be discovered
  • Questions are likely to repeat
  • This past questions will serve as an examine and will help the candidate know the level of his/her preparation.
  • You will have a better understanding or UNICAL syllables
  • Candidate will know the areas to focus

We have below the sample questions to further convince you how authentic our past questions are.

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Unical Post UTME Sample Questions

Choose the word or phrase from options A-D which has the nearest meaning to the underlined word or words in each sentence.

My mother has refused to come to live in Lagos because she prefers the tranquil life in the village to the hurly burly of the city.

  1. Sweet B. Prosperous                   C. Peaceful                       D. Decent

A lorry larger than an elephant was struck on the bridge             

  1. As large as an elephant                                 B. Carrying an elephant.
  2. That looked like an elephant D. Of enormous proportions.

Choose the option that best completes the sentence.        

The dentist found that his patient‟s teeth___

  1. Have long decayed B. Have long been decayed
  2. Have long being decayed D. Had long decayed

In order to catty out the necessary examination, the dead body was_____

  1. Extracted B. Exhumed                        C. Extradited                    D. Expelled

He went abroad with a view_____ a business partner  

  1. To fund B. To funding                     C. To be funding             D. To have funded

In question 59, which of the options express the same idea as the one in quote?

To put something aside‟ is to 

  • Put it one‟s side.     B. Put it in a side pocket for future use.
  • Keep something for some special purpose. D. Keep in safety.

Universal adult suffrage was first adopted throughout Nigeria under the constitution of

  1. 1922 B. 1946 C. 1958     D. 1979

Nationalist movements started late in French West Africa because

  1. France suppressed political associations and parties.
  2. Africans felt they were free
  3. Africans wanted to maintain trade relations with France
  4. France did not allow Africans to travel abroad

The International court of Justice has its headquarters in

  1. the Hague B. Paris     C. London    D. New York

Which of the following is the lowest class of people in the hierarchy of a feudal system?

  1. Nobles B. Serfs
  2. Lords       D. Manor

Northern and Southern protectorates of Nigeria were amalgamated by

  1. General Gowon B. George Goldie    C. Fredrick Lugard     D. Donal Cameron

The first African President of the Republic of South Africa        

  1. Jacob Zuma B. Thabo Mbeki C. Jacob Chilumbua     D. Nelson Mandela

The Nigerian Civil war ended in  

  1. 1970 B. 1971                              C. 1973                                      D. 1975

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