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Cardinal Stone past questions and answers up-to-date PDF has been uploaded here for easy download. To download Cardinal Stone interview past questions read through this page.

The Cardinal Job aptitude past questions PDF will help you prepare adequately and therefore equipped you for success in the forthcoming test exercise.

Have you been seeking employment in Cardinal Stone? Will this be your first time writing Cardinal Strone recruitment screening exams? Whether yes or no, you need this material to help you pass this exam with ease.

The Cardinal Stone recruitment past questions is simply a compilation of the last five (5) years of interview questions and accurate answers according to the marking syllables has been provided.

Content of Cardinal Stone Past Questions

Talking about Cardinal Stone job aptitude test or interview, listed below are the major areas which questions are being set and this material covers it all.

  • Numerical Reasoning Test
  • Verbal Reasoning Test
  • Visual Reasoning Test
  • Banking Skills Test
  • ICT Related Test (MS Excel & Word)

Sample Questions

Choose the word nearest to the word in bold

After many years of struggle as a trader, he struck gold

  • Became quite rich
  • Won a big contract
  • He became a gold miner
  • Became a goldsmith

One significant character of the jet age is that it encourages people to cut corners

  • Not to face all problems
  • to want to become rich quickly
  • to want to avoid unnecessary hardships
  • forfeit the opportunity of further education.

The lady who won the beauty contest had a good gait

  • Stature
  • Figure
  • Elegance
  • Carriage

It would need a high flyer to make a first class degree in the university

  • A smart performer
  • An outright genius
  • An outstanding scholar
  • An unmitigated swot

What you will find in the book is a bird’s eye view of the subject

  • A detailed account
  • A balanced account
  • A biased treatment
  • A general survey

Hers was a chequered career

  • An interesting and successful career
  • a career full of sorrow and tears
  • a bright and memorable career
  • a career full of ups and downs

If experience is anything to go by, this action will prove a political mine field

  •  A source of political benefits
  • A way out of political trouble
  • A cause for political joy
  • An invitation to political problems.

In my view, the play didn’t come off

  •  Succeed
  • Fail
  • Attract applause
  • Take place

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