Ondo State Teachers Past Questions and Answers (TESCOM) Pdf
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Ondo State Teachers Past Questions and Answers (TESCOM) Pdf


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Ondo State Teachers recruitment past questions and answers. Download the up to date Ondo State TESCOM past questions and answers.

Did you apply for Ondo State Teachers Recruitment? Was your application successful? The next line of action is to prepare for the forthcoming examination.

Ondo State TESCOM Past Questions

It is good to submit application for the job but how and what is your current preparation level/ Ondo State Teachers recruitment selection is purely based on merit.

Now, preparing with Ondo State Teachers past questions (TESCOM) you will guide, improve and boost preparation level.

We can boldly tell you that a great percentage of this past questions will like repeat in the upcoming Ondo State TESCOM examination.

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Free Version of Ondo State Teachers Past Questions

The ultimate goal of curriculum of planning is to

  • Develop programmes for society
  • Develop individual skills
  • Establish more schools
  • Guide educational programmes
  • Design teachers’ programmes

Curriculum design differ primary in

  • Teaching and learning involves
  • Principles of teaching and learning
  • Method, content and structure
  • Methodology and application
  • Scope and sequence

Broad – field curriculum design is usually criticized because

  • It is difficult to organize
  • Of its cumbersome nature
  • It does not include fieldtrips
  • It does not take care of student’s interests
  • Subject demarcations still exist

Activity curriculum does not require

  • A lot of instructional materials.
  • Co-curricula activities
  • Game and sports
  • Planned activities
  • Infrastructure and equipment

Tyler’s curriculum planning process has

  • 6steps
  • 5steps
  • 4steps

The common features of most curriculum models are

  • Learning experiences and content
  • Objectives and learning experiences.
  • Objectives and evaluation
  • Organization of content and learning experience
  • Content and evaluation

The new UBE curriculum emphasizes

  • Society-centred learning.
  • Teacher-centred learning
  • Child-centred learning
  • Parent-centred learning
  • Government-centred.

Which of the following is not a method of teaching?

  • Discussion method
  • Project method
  • Interactive method
  • Power point presentation
  • Distraction method

Agencies of curriculum planning and innovation in Nigeria include

  • NERDC and TRCN
  • NUC and lCPC
  • NCCE and NBTE
  • ICPC and EFCC

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