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Download Osun State TESCOM Past Questions and Answers PDF on this page. Osun State Teachers past questions and answers.

Candidates that applied for Osun TESCOM recruitment and have been shortlisted can download the past questions and answers of Osun State TESCOM on this page.

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Osun State teacher’s exams questions usually contain current affairs, little mathematics, and more teaching profession questions.

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Why Download Osun State TESCOM Past Questions?

  • This past question aides candidates prepare adequately
  • It builds self-confidence
  • Gives proper understating of Osun State TESCOM marking scheme
  • Having a pre-knowledge of the forthcoming exams
  • Repetition of questions

Note that our past questions and answers are very compressive, meaning it contains more than one (1) year TESCOM past questions and answers.

Osun State TESCOM Sample Questions

From the list below is not a learning difficulty?

  1. Visual impairment
  2. Hearing impairment
  3. Epilepsy
  4. Speech disorder
  5. Truancy

Answer: Truancy (e)

In the teaching and learning process, learners mostly remember what they

  1. See, read and hear
  2. Read, hear and write
  3. Hear, speak and feel
  4. Are told, hear and copy
  5. Write, hear and say

Answer: A

The Suleja Academy is a school for the

  1. Blind
  2. Gifted
  3. Deaf
  4. Dumb
  5. Lame

Answer: B

The four elements of language are

  1. Listening, speaking, reading and writing
  2. Listening, speaking, learning and writing
  3. Seeing, speaking, learning and writing
  4. Seeing, speaking, learning and writing
  5. Learning, listening, speaking and seeing
  6. Listening, speaking, writing and learning

Answer: A

Parts of speech in grammar include

  1. Narrative, inferences, adjectives and preposition
  2. Nouns, pronouns, narrative and outlining
  3. Nouns, adverbs, adjectives and preposition
  4. Narrative, adverbs, adjectives and inferences
  5. Nouns, inferences, outlining and pronouns

The techniques used to improve reading in the classroom include

  1. Pleasure and creative reading
  2. Pleasure and memorization
  3. Creative and silent reading
  4. Creative and memorization
  5. Reciting and chorus reading

The most appropriate place to confirm the availability of a book in a library is ?

  1. Reference section
  2. Reception
  3. Shelves
  4. Catalogue unit
  5. Reading

The earliest components of the communication process are

  1. Noise, messenger and receiver
  2. Messenger, sender and ‘noise
  3. Sender, messenger and receiver
  4. Sender receiver and decoder
  5. Receiver, decoder and encoder

Books kept in the reference sections of a library are those that?

  1. Can be borrowed out of the Library
  2. Are used by the Library staff only
  3. Should be used within the Library only
  4. Are demanded to interested users
  5. Are outdated

Communication models are

  1. Symbolic and replica
  2. Symbolic and dramatic
  3. Dramatic and systematic
  4. Systematic and symbolic

One of the teaching strategies that enable learners to develop at his rate is

  1. Demonstration of instruction
  2. Lecturing method
  3. Individualized instruction
  4. Group work
  5. Discussion method

An adjective helps to

  1. Define a noun
  2. Qualify a noun
  3. Denote a noun
  4. Promote a noun
  5. Describes a noun

The printer is use’8 for producing a

  1. Soft copy
  2. Machine copy
  3. Hardcopy
  4. Saved copy
  5. Photocopy

Documents are saved into

  1. Flash drives
  2. Printers
  3. Joystick
  4. Mice
  5. Keyboard

The major components of a computer are

  1. Flash drive, CPU, Monitor, Keyboard
  2. CPU, Monitor, Mouse and Printer
  3. CPU, Monitor, Mouse and Keyboard
  4. Zip disk, printer, keyboard
  5. Monitor, mouse, diskette and CPU

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