Oyo State TESCOM Past Questions
Oyo State TESCOM Exams Past Questions and Answers Pdf
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Oyo State TESCOM Exams Past Questions and Answers Pdf


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Download the up to date Oyo State TESCOM Past Questions and Answers. Oyo TESCOM exams / interview previous questions and answers.

We have on this page the free version of Oyo TESCOM exams past questions and also the premium version.

The difference is that the free version is only questions without answers while the premium version is complete questions with answers.

To enable you prepare well for Oyo State teachers recruitment exams, you need to download this material.

Nature of Oyo State TESCOM Exams

The examination usually consist of quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning, current affairs, English Language and the teaching profession.

Each candidates wishing to succeed in the Oyo TESCOM screening exams must cover the following areas.

To this end, the Oyo State TESCOM past questions and answers completely covers this area. Also note that these are direct questions from TESCOM.

Free Version of Oyo State TESCOM Past Questions

Which of the following is a disadvantage of objective tests?

  • Absence of bias in the scoring process
  • Coverage of wide content area
  • Discouragement of superficial study habit
  • Prompt release of result
  • Possibility of guessing correctly.

Which of the following best describes the element of counseling?

  • Counselee, counselor, institution, problem
  • Institution counseling, Counselee, counselor
  • Counselee, counselor, institution, interview
  • Counselee, counselor, testing counseling

Which of the following is a professional characteristic of a counselor?

  1. Empathy
  2. Nonchalance
  3. Emotional
  4. Smartness
  5. Bravery

A counseling centre is best suited in

  1. A class room
  2. The administrative block
  3. An easily accessible block
  4. A hall
  5. A library

Career-day is best described as?

  1. Information service
  2. Placement service
  3. Referral service
  4. Promotion service

The counseling association of Nigeria was established in___

  1. 1960
  2. 1968
  3. 1970
  4. 1976
  5. 1986

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