IITA Recruitment Past Questions
IITA Recruitment Past Questions and Answers Download PDF
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IITA Recruitment Past Questions and Answers Download PDF

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IITA recruitment past questions. Download PDF the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture recruitment past questions and answers.

This page contains the up to date past questions and answers of IITA recruitment screening exams and can be easily downloaded just keep reading.

The International Institute of Tropical Agriculture recruitment seeks to employ qualify candidate into her labour market. As an applicant it is your role to prove yourself worthy of this job.

How can this be achieved, by passing the interview / screening examination. The best material for preparation to this regards is IITA recruitment past questions.

Essence of IITA Past Questions

The IITA recruitment past questions hold the following benefits.

  • Pre-awareness of the examination atmosphere
  • How questions are being set
  • Test your current preparation level
  • Understanding the questions patter or marking scheme
  • Building and gaining more self-confidence

The International Institute of Tropical Agriculture recruitment seeks to employ only the best and as such the screening won’t be that easy but through this material it will be very easy.

Proceed now to download this material and start preparation.

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Sample of IITA Recruitment Past Questions

Soil texture is described as the

  • Distribution of different sizes of soil particles
  • Arrangement of sail particles in a soil sample
  • Rate at which water moves through the soil
  • Degree to which airspaces aerate the soil
  • Distribution of soil particles in a sample

Slate is derived from:

  • Schist
  • Sandstone
  • Shale
  • Genesis
  • Quartzite

Soil can be drained by the use of the following except

  • Sprinklers
  • Channels
  • Gutters
  • Ditches
  • Porous pipes

In which layer of the soil profile does most biological activity occur?

  • Parent material
  • D-horizon
  • C-horizon
  • B-horizon
  • A-horizon

In the establishment of pastures, it is best to

  • Plant only grasses
  • Plant only legumes
  • Let the natural grasses grow
  • Plant a mixture of grasses and legumes
  • Allow weeds to mix with the forage crops

The distance between two successive yam mounds should be about

  • lOm
  • OOm
  • OOm
  • Om
  • OOm

The part of the ruminant stomach from which digestive juices are secreted is the

  • Rumen
  • Reticulum
  • Osmasum
  • Paunch
  • Abomasums

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