Nigeria Airforce Recruitment Past Questions and Answers PDF


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Download the Nigeria Airforce recruitment past questions and answers PDF from this page. NAF past questions and answers.

The Nigeria Airforce recruitment examination is fast approaching and applicant need to prepare adequately to ensure success.

One of the outstanding tool required for preparation is past questions and answers. Preparing with this material.

We have the Nigeria Airforce recruitment past questions for both DSSC and RC available for download.

Importance of Nigeria Airforce Recruitment Past Questions

NAF interview past questions hold the benefits below.

  • A pre-expectation of the forthcoming WAEC interview
  • Self-examination and preparedness
  • Studying the areas which requires more preparation
  • Discovering the technical knowhow to succeeding in this recruitment
  • As part of adequate preparation

How to Get NAF Past Questions and Answers

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Sample of NAF Past Questions

Neither of the presidential candidates ……. suitable.

  • Are
  • Is
  • Is been
  • Are been suitable.

Ten miles ____ a great distance.

  • Is
  • Are
  • is been

If I were the president, I ….. ask for the money

  • Will
  • Should
  • Would
  • Can

I will see you after I ….. spoken with your supervisor.

  • Might have
  • Have
  • Will have
  • Would have

“You …..- now see the director”, the secretary told the visitors

  • Can
  • May
  • Should
  • Would

She isn’t Gloria ….. ?

  • Is she?
  • Isn’t she?
  • Aren’t she?
  • Doesn’t she?

We have a bus, …..?

  • didn’t we?
  • haven’t we?
  • doesn’t we?
  • hasn’t

I knew David …. let us down.

  • May
  • Will
  • Might
  • Can

You ……….. me last week.

  • Ought to see
  • Ought to had seen
  • Have seen
  • Ought to
  • Had to have seen

Twenty dollars ___ enough for my lunch.

  • Are
  • Is
  • Are just

The pests ____ our farm every year.

  • Invade
  • Invades
  • Has invades

If I were the Governor, I ….. ask for the project

  • Will
  • Should
  • Would
  • Can

To get the complete past questions and answers of Nigeria Ariforce Recruitment examination, follow the instructions above.


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