ICSL Recruitment Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers
ICSL Recruitment Past Questions and Answers Pdf Download
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ICSL Recruitment Past Questions and Answers Pdf Download

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ICSL Recruitment Past Questions and Answers Pdf Download. Get the up to date Information Connectivity Solutions Ltd aptitude past questions.

Available on this page is the authentic and original version of ICSL past questions and answers. To download, follow the instructions on this page.

ICSL Recruitment Past Questions

Information Connectivity Solutions Aptitude past questions and answers will help you have a proper understanding of what you’re about to experience.

Whether it will be examination, Aptitude or screening test the up to date ICSL past questions we have available on this page will guide you through.

Remember in every vacant job opportunity, the company looks out for the very best, this is the essence and reason why examination and Aptitudes are being conducted.

Prove your capability by getting this material to aide solid preparation and definitely success is sure.

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We have provided sample of ICSL recruitment past questions, after going through the free version if you want to get the premium or complete version which comes with both questions and answers.

Free Version of ICSL Aptitude Test Questions

The atmosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere interface is referred to as

  • Mantle
  • Biosphere
  • Mesosphere
  • Barrysphere
  • Atmosphere

The following combinations of processes are asso iated with mass wasting except i. soil creep ii mud flow iii. Granular d n egration iv. Landslide and rock fall.

  • i and iv only
  • i, ii and iii only
  • Only i, ii and iv
  • i and iv only
  • i and ii only

Artificially created water channels constructed to have access to some inland locations are called

  • Lakes
  • Oceans
  • Rivers
  • Tunnels
  • Canals

A firm with marginal cost equal to the marginal revenue will produce the equilibrium output if it is in

  • Purely competition only
  • Pure monopoly only
  • Monopolistic competition only
  • Any type of market

Opportunity cost is an economic concept which describe the

  • Monetary equivalent of the utility of a commodity
  • Amount of time or money invested on a commodity
  • Sacrifice made for the satisfaction of a want
  • Cost of retailing an optimum level of production of commodities

The necessity of choice is due to the fact that

  • Human wants are insatiable
  • Consumers like to maximize satisfaction
  • Resources are abundant
  • Consumer are selective

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