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WAEC Recruitment Past Questions and Answers Pdf. Download the updated version of the WAEC recruitment aptitude test screening past questions here.

West African Examination Council WAEC recruitment past questions and answers PDF up to date is downloadable on this page.

Success in the West African Examination Council recruitment interview is guaranteed through the WAEC recruitment past questions and answers, to download a copy follow the instructions on this page.

WAEC Recruitment Past Questions

The Wes African Examination Council as part of the recruitment process conducts interviews or examinations for shortlisted candidates.

To ensure you’re not taken unaware, download the up-to-date WAEC interview past questions and answers from us now.

As an applicant of WAEC recruitment, the priority goal is to gain employment. This requires smart work not hard work, by this I mean doing the right thing at the right time.

The right thing to do right now starts preparation by studying the past interview questions of WAEC recruitment.

Placing priority and importance on succeeding in this recruitment requires having this material to make your preparation complete.

Below are some reasons why you should download or study the WAEC recruitment past questions.

Why Download WAEC Aptitude Test Past Questions

You may call it to benefit, importance or why WAEC interview questions is mandatory to all applicant. The WAEC recruitment is one of the most uncommon recruitment.

Prior to this, candidates seeking employment must do everything possible to ensure they prove themselves trustworthy of the vacant position.

The essence of the West African Examination Council recruitment past questions are;

  • A pre-expectation of the forthcoming WAEC interview
  • Self-examination and preparedness
  • Studying the areas which requires more preparation
  • Discovering the technical knowhow to succeeding in this recruitment
  • As part of adequate preparation

Outside these factors are many more which will be discovered while studying the material.

Sample Questions

Choose the option that best completes the gap:              

University students ……………..behave well.

  • Can
  • Should
  • May
  • Must

Gloria ………….. have finished the project two days ago.

  • Must
  • May
  • Can
  • Supposed to

You are Goodluck, …..?

  • Are you?
  • Aren’t you?
  • Are’nt you?
  • Don’t
  • Engaging

If an average ticket with Royal Airlines cost £195 in 2001, and prices increased by an average of 12% in 2002, what were the approximate revenues of Royal Airlines from ticket sales in 2002?

  • £3,850,000
  • £385,000,000
  • £3,800,000
  • £380,000,000
  • Cannot Say Correct


Calculate the average price of a ticket on Royal Airlines in 2002. In order to do this, add 12% to £195, the average ticket price in 2001. 195 x 1.12 = £218.4

The number of tickets sold by Royal Airlines in 2002 was 1758000. This means that the total revenues from Royal Airlines ticket sales in 2002 = 1758000 x 218.4 = £383,947,200 ? £385,000,000.

Environment of effective classroom interaction is

  • Noisy
  • Silent
  • Interactive

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