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Download the up to date Access Bank recruitment past questions and answers PDF. Access Bank interview/screening test previous questions is accessible here.

If you have interest of being a staff of Access Bank and probably submitted application successfully, then the next thing is to start preparing for the interview/screening test.

So many graduate has wished to work with Access Bank but unfortunately so many fail the aptitude test repeatedly. This I beyond you being a graduate, there are technicalities in answering these questions and also the bank seeks to employ people with good reasoning capacity.

Prior to this fact, getting and studying Access Bank job aptitude test past questions is very necessary. We have made that very easy and possible. To further highlight the importance of this file, see the benefits of having Access Bank past questions below.

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Benefits of Studying Access Bank Past Questions

  • First and foremost you will discover the technicalities in answering questions
  • You will get more insight of questions you should expect
  • Areas of concentration will be disclosed
  • By first attempting the questions you will first see areas you’re good in and always areas for possible improvement.

Nature of Access Bank Recruitment Past Questions

  • Numerical ability test,
  • Verbal ability test and
  • General knowledge
  • MS Excel/IT/Banking skills

Sample Questions

The following are advantages of the NPV method in project evaluation, EXCEPT that

  • It ignores risk and management attitude towards risk.
  • It considers the time value of money.
  • Helps managers to either accept or reject a project.
  • It is used to rank projects under capital rationing decision.

The Canon of taxation includes the following, EXCEPT

  • Flexibility.
  • Certainty.
  • Realistic.
  • Equity.

A sale should be recognised when the goods or services have been provided and the invoice sent out, rather than when the sale is agreed. Which accounting concept does this illustrate?

  • Realization concept.
  • Consistency concept.
  • Going concern concept.
  • Materiality concept.

The account in which each partner’s contribution is recorded and kept is called _____ Account.

  • Current
  • Partnership
  • Capital
  • Contribution account

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