FCMB Aptitude Test Past Questions
FCMB Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers Download PDF
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FCMB Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers Download PDF

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FCMB Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers Download PDF. Prepare better for First city Monument Bank recruitment aptitude test by downloading the past questions made available on this page.

Achieving success at first attempt in FCMB aptitude test is sure possible because with the help of this material you will prepare better and offcourse questions are very likely to repeat.

Read the rest of the article below about FCMB Aptitude Test past questions and how to get a copy.

Did you submit your application for FCMB recruitment? Was your application successfully? Are you wondering what the next line of action is? Do you know the right material to read?

If you have any or all of these questions in mind don’t worry, the study pack we have available here will definitely help you out.

By studying this material, you will have enough insight as to questions you will see during interview/aptitude test, areas you need to focus on and how to tackle the questions.

After studying these material, FCMB recruitment aptitude test will just be a walk over.

Content of FCMB Recruitment Past Questions

  • Numerical ability test,
  • Verbal ability test and
  • Diagrammatic reasoning ability and more.
  • MS Excel/IT/Banking skills

Below are free or samples questions of First City Monument Bank job aptitude test.

Sample Questions  

Auditing was derived from the Latin word

  • Audit
  • Audire
  • None
  • Auditory

The following may disqualify an auditor from being re-appointed, EXCEPT

  • If he is not qualified for re-appointment.
  • He has done his work perfectly well.
  • If the shareholders agree to appoint another auditor.
  • If he informs his clients by writing of his unwillingness to be re-appointed

Which of the following is NOT an old form of taxation?

  • Value added tax
  • Zakkat
  • Ishakole
  • War tax

The Federal Inland Revenue Service is charged with the responsibility of assessing and collecting the following taxes, EXCEPT

  • Value added tax.
  • Personal income tax of all federal civil servants.
  • Export duties.
  • Personal income tax of the residence of Federal Capital Territory.

The tier of government, vested with the responsibility of collecting tenement rate and slaughter slab fees, is

  • The Federal Board of Inland Revenue.
  • The State Board of Internal Revenue.
  • The Local Government.
  • The Joint Tax Board.

A quantitative expression of a plan of action, prepared in advance of the period to which it relates, is called

  • Control
  • Budgeting
  • Costing
  • Process costing.

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