NNPC Aptitude Test Past Questions | NNPC Recruitment Past Questions & Answers

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NNPC Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers Download PDF. Get the up to date NNPC Recruitment Past Questions or NNPC interview/exams past questions.

Do want the NNPC Oil and Gas recruitment past questions? Did you submit an application for the NNPC recruitment and want a material that will help you prepare well for the screening examination?

If this is your case then you’re on the right page. The complete interview/screening exams past questions of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) is here.

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NNPC Aptitude Test Past Questions

To download this material just follow the instructions provided on this page. Many have applied for the NNPC recruitment over years but very few get the job, have you ever wondered why?

Relax, it’s not because they know anyone but because they prepared well, very the year’s candidates that get this material from us do return to appreciate and review our uniqueness.

Are you are still confuse on how to start preparation for the NNPC screening exams? The NNPC past questions and answers is beyond questions only rather it also holds the following.

  • It will serve as a study guide
  • You will understand the NNPC interview or exams questions pattern
  • You will know areas to focus more
  • Your current preparation level will be examine while studying this material and possibly will help you improve.

The Oil and Gas examination questions is quite different from other sphere of recruitment. This is also another mandatory reason why you need this material especially if this is your first time.

NNPC past questions is an ultimate guide and very useful material to prepare with as long as NNPC screening or recruitment exams is concerned.

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Sample of NNPC Aptitude Test Past Questions

Which of the following solutions containing only hydroxyl ions will liberate hydrogen gas when reacted with Mg metals?

  • 1.0 x 10-5mol/dm3
  • 10-13 x 1.0 mol/dm3
  • 1.0 x l0-3mol/dm3
  • 1.0 x 10-2mol/dm3

Which of the following decreases when a given mass of gas is compressed to half its initial volume?

  • average intermolecular distance
  • frequency of collision
  • number of molecules present
  • atomic radius of each particle

Which of the following is not a chemical change?

  • burning of magnesium
  • rusting of iron
  • action of water on potassium
  • dissolving powdered sulfur in carbon disulfide

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