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SPIE Oil and Gas past questions and answers PDF update to date version. This material is now available for download on our store.

Success in any interview especially in Oil and Gas industry is really not easy but with adequate preparation and the use of the right material, success is a guarantee.

One of the outstanding things that do aide good preparation is past questions and answers, therefore if you actually want to succeed in the SPIE recruitment, you need this material.

SPIE Oil and Gas Past Questions

SPIE is one of the most outstanding Oil and Gas Company, broadly known. Many applicants seeks the privilege of working there because of the numerous benefits.

This bring about much competition but it’s quite unfortunate, it is just few persons that are most qualified will be employed.

The criteria for choosing the best is the interview/examination. The screening test or exams is the greatest opportunity you have proof yourself worthy of the job.

In this case, what you need right now is SPIE Oil and Gas past questions because it is simply previous years interview/exams questions of SPIE.

You stand a greater chance of securing the job through adequate preparation with the material. See how to get the material below.

Free SPIE Past Questions and Answers

A man standing 300m away from a wall sounds a whistle. The echo from the wall reaches him 1.8s later. Calculate the velocity of sound in air

  • 0ms-1
  • 3ms-1
  • 3ms-1
  • 0 ms-1

Which of the following is stored by a dry lechanche cell?

  • Solar energy
  • Heat energy
  • Chemical energy
  • Electrical energy

An induction coil is generally used to

  • Rectify an alternating current
  • Smoothen a pushing direct
  • Modulate oil incoming radio signal
  • Produce a large output voltage

The half-life of a radioactive substance is 2 seconds. Calculate the decay constants

  • 347s-1
  • 576s-1
  • 151s-1
  • 035s-1

A person who speaks in favour of somebody or something.

  • Pleader
  • Advocate
  • Mediator
  • Agent

Art and science of flying in aircraft.

  • Motivation
  • Navigation
  • Aviation
  • Deviation

List of books and writings by one author or about one subject.

  • Anthology
  • Catalogue
  • Critique
  • Bibliography

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