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Indorama Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers 2020/2021 Download Up to Date Pdf
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Indorama Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers 2020/2021 Download Up to Date Pdf



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Download the up to date Indorama Past Questions and Answers Pdf 2020/2021 Indorama Fertilizer Eleme Petrochemical aptitude test/recruitment past questions and answers.

Did you apply for Indorama recruitment 2020? Have you been shortlisted or invited for interview? Even without being shortlisted or invited for interview you need to still prepare as there maybe no time once you’re invited.

The aim is to help you overcome the Indorama recruitment aptitude test and help achieve this we have compiled the real past questions papers with answers for Indorama Eleme petrochemical right on this page for download.

Why Should you Download Indorama Past Questions

No one knows it all, as such you may think you know it all but it’s important to still get this material as you will get to see your lapses and make haste to improve.

You’re not the first person about taking this exams, maybe you would love to ask person’s that has taken this exams certain questions but maybe found no one, this material now serves as the experience you need to pass this exams easily.

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Sample Questions

…………………….. is an example of plant propagated by leaf.

  • Zoophyte
  • Allelopathy
  • Bryophyte
  • Angiosperm

A tree species introduced from another country is called——–

  • International species;
  • Exotic species
  • Exogenous species
  • Crossbreed species

Agriculture can be broadly classified into……….. and……….

  • Livestock, Soil
  • Animal, Soil
  • Animal, Crop
  • Poultry, Fruit

An insect vector is important because

  • it helps to habour and transmit pathogens which cause diseases
  • Helps pathogens to develop only at the egg stage
  • it helps to carry pathogens to the environment for control
  • it is efficient in killing pathogens

Broad spectrum pesticides are dangerous because

  • they allow non-target organisms to survive
  • target organisms indiscriminately
  • they allow target organisms to survive
  • they kill target organisms only.

Contact insecticides are used to control

  • pod borers of legumes
  • stem borers of cereal
  • leaf beetles of legumes
  • eel worm of legumes

Entomology is the

  • Study of Insects
  • study of Bacteria

 Fertiliser plant making ammonium sulphate employing gypsum- ammonia reaction (usual practice is to use ammonia and sulphuric acid) is located at

  • Rourkela (under SAIL)
  • Bokaro (under SAIL)
  • Sindri (under FCI)
  • Baroda (under S.F.C.)

In an ammonia plant, the purge off is essential to

  • Maintain inert gas concentration within a limit
  • Remove excess poisonous gases
  • Maintain H₂ : N₂ ratio at 3 :1
  • Remove uncondensed ammonia vapour

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