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NCDMB Past Questions and Answers 2022/2023 for both experienced hire and non-experienced hire Pdf Download | Get a copy of NCDMB aptitude test past questions and answers up to date version to boost your preparation.

Nigerian Content Development & Monitoring Board previous years exams past questions with correct answers provided have been uploaded on PastQuestionHub for easy download

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Nigerian Content Development & Monitoring Board past questions will serve as a study guide and furthermore to give you an insight into what the exam questions will look like.

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  • You will have a better understanding of what the exams questions will be like
  • Great insight or overview of the atmosphere of the entire exam
  • Being that this material covers all the aspects of NCDMB recruitment exercise then you will likely get to know the area of focus.

There are many other benefits but the four (4) mentioned above are the essential benefit of downloading a copy of this material.

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Sample Questions

  1. For the term for six years…………, he decided to join another A. when he played B. playing C. having
    played D. when he was playing.
  2. The bridge connecting the two cities was by the enemy A. blown up B. blown down C. having played D.when he was playing.
  3. My little boy is suffering jaundice A. from B. of C. for D. with.
  4. They went to the market and bought a suitcase and bag A. a big leather brown B. a leather brown big C. a big brown leather D. a brown big leather.
  5. By the end of this year, in this town for eleven years. A. I‘m living B. I‘d be living C. I‘ll have lived D. I have lived.
  6. If he had left home earlier, he late. A. would not be B. would have not been C. would have been not D. would not have been.

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