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Sinabela Scholarship past questions and answers pdf. Download the up to date scholarship exams past questions and answers of Sinabela.

Interested candidates of Sinabela scholarship should download the updated version of Sinabela scholarship past questions and answers.

Sinabela Scholarship Past Questions

The Sinabela Scholarship selection examination will soon be coming up. Candidates that applied for this scholarship scheme need to start preparation.

One of the best guide and tool for preparing adequately for Sinabela Scholarship is past questions. Prior to this we have compiled the original and comprehensive Sinabela Scholarship past questions and answers.

It is only applicant that succeed in this examination will be qualified to benefit from Sinabela scholarship therefore if you want to be successful ensure you prepare well.

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Sample Questions

In question below, choose the word(s) or phrase which best fills the gaps

We have gone quarters of the journey already; we ….. as well see the end of it

  • Can
  • Might
  • Could
  • May

My little daughter has sight; hence , she now wears glasses

  • Diminutive
  • Blurred
  • Painful
  • Defective

Bassey’s evidence led …….. Okon being imprisoned for life

  • At
  • Into
  • In
  • To

My boss is usually a charming man but …… he can very irritable

  • At times
  • A times
  • Those times
  • With times

We surely ought to have an …… arrangement in case somebody discover the present already

  • Alternate
  • Alternating
  • Alternative
  • Alternant

An autobiographical novel is

  • A novel  written about another novelist
  • A true account                of a novelist’s life by himself
  • A novel in which the novelist draws mainly on materials from his own life
  • A novel using the ‘I’ pronoun

Plot in prose fiction is best defined as:

  • The cause and effect sequence of events
  • The brief summary of events
  • The central event
  • The subject matter of a novel

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