Sokoto College of Nursing Past Questions
Sokoto College of Nursing Past Questions and Answers PDF
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Sokoto College of Nursing Past Questions and Answers PDF

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Sokoto College of Nursing past questions and answers PDF can be downloaded here. Registration portal for Sokoto College of Nursing is

The application/admission form Sokoto State School of Nursing is currently ongoing and interested candidates can apply now.

After submitting application for Sokoto College of Nursing, the next step and act of preparation is to get the past questions and answers.

On this page you can download Sokoto College of Nursing past questions and answers which will help you prepare properly for the forthcoming examination.

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Sample Questions of Sokoto College of Nursing Past Questions

From the list below which constitutes the main internal tissue of leaf?

  • Cuticle
  • Mesophyll
  • Vascular bundle
  • Lower epidermis

In insects, the structure that performs the same function as the kidney in man is the

  • Nephridium
  • Flame cell
  • Malphigian tubule
  • Trachea

Principles of heredity can be applied in one of these

  • Medicine
  • Chemistry
  • Law
  • Biology

One of this is not a shape of fingerprints

  • Circles
  • Loop
  • Whorls
  • Arches

The word used to define the sum total of biotic and abiotic factors in the environment of the organism?

  • Habitat
  • Biome
  • Ecosystem
  • Ecological niche

S phase in growth curve is known as?

  • Rapid phase
  • Shot phase
  • Long phase
  • End phase

Carbohydrates are stored in animal cells as

  • Glycogen
  • Glucose
  • Maltase
  • Starch

The division of nucleus is known as

  • Karyokinesis
  • Cytokinesis
  • Isogamy
  • Isopomy

In the mammal, the autonomic system consists of

  • Sympathetic and parasympathetic systems
  • Brain and spinal nerves
  • Brain and cranial nerves
  • Spinal cord and spinal nerves

The direction of food pathway in the digestive system is

  • Ileum-Cecum-Colon-Rectum
  • Ileum-Colon-Cecum-Rectum
  • Colon-Ileum-Cecum-Rectum
  • Colon-Cecum-Ileum-Rectum

In plants, structures that play parts alike to the arteries and veins of animals are the

  • Xylem and Phloem
  • Root hairs and xylem
  • Lenticels and phloem
  • Roots and stems

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