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Download the up-to-date entrance examinations of Amaigbo, Imo State St Mary Joint School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers here.

It is the paramount desire of all candidates seeking admission in St Mary Joint School of Nursing to be successful (gaining admission) but their determinant factors.

The basic determinant factor to guarantee success is sound preparation. By sound preparation, I mean being able to cover the important syllables.

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Yes, you may say it is difficult but with St Mary Joint School of Nursing past questions, it is very possible. While studying the material, you will discover the fundamental areas to cover.

Outside this, there are many other benefits of having Amaigbo School of Nursing past questions. To download a copy, follow the steps below.

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St Mary School of Nursing Past Questions {Free Version}

Is always superior to any other in town.

  • There‘s
  • Theirs
  • Their‘s

Two radioactive elements A and B have half-lives of 100 and 50 years respectively. Samples of A & B initially contain equal number of atoms. What is the ratio of the number of the remaining atoms of A to that of 8 after 200 years?

  • 4:1
  • 2:1
  • 1:1
  • 1:4

A boy standing some distance from the foot of a tall cliff claps his hands and hear an echo 0.5s late. If the speed of sound is 340ms, how far is he from the cliff?

  • 17m
  • 34m
  • 85m
  • 170m

Which of the following is not correct about isotopes of an element? They have

  • The same neuron number
  • The same proton number
  • Different physical properties.
  • The same number of electrons

Which of the following is not electromagnetic radiation?

  • X-ray
  • Radio waves
  • Sunlight
  • sound waves

Cloud formation is the direct result of

  • Precipitation
  • Vaporization
  • Condensation
  • Sublimation

Water boils at a lower temperature when heated at the top of a mountain than at sea-level because at the top of the mountain the

  • Saturation vapour pressure of water is higher than at sea-level
  • Sun adds more heat to the water
  • Relative humidity of the atmosphere is lower
  • Pressure of the atmosphere is lower.

The main reason why rice cooks faster in a pressure ,cook than in a cooking pot is that

  • Less heat escapes from the cooker
  • The vapour pressure in the cooker is constant
  • The boiling point of water in the cooker is raised
  • The vapour pressure in the cooker decreases.

In which of the following media would sound waves travel faster?

  • Kerosene
  • Alcohol
  • Iron
  • Air

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