UPTH Internship Past Questions
UPTH Internship Past Questions and Answers PDF Updated
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UPTH Internship Past Questions and Answers PDF Updated

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Download the up to date University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital UPTH internship past questions and answers Pdf. UPTH internship interview questions.

Are you about writing the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital internship exams? If yes then you need to download the UPTH Internship past questions and answers.

Having this material or studying the material will help you understand and have a better idea of the exams you’re about writing.

Also, this material will serve as a guide to you. Questions may likely repeat in your own time but the overall essence of studying the material is to have a preview of the exams.

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Sample of UPTH Internship Exams Past Questions

The nucleus is considered the central organelle of a cell because it

  • Contains the genetic material
  • Contains the nuclear sap
  • Is bounded by the nuclear membrane
  • Is located at the centre of the cell

In prokaryotic cell type is characterized by

  • Complex cytoplasm in which different regions ire poorly defined
  • Localization of different regions of the cell into tissues
  • Collection of organelles and macromolecular complexes
  • Simple cytoplasm with well-defined regions

The natural tendency of organism as they evolve is to

  • Decrease in size
  • Increase in
  • Develop specialized structures
  • Feed indiscriminately

In snails, the hard calcareous shells are secreted by the

  • Radius
  • Tenidium
  • Pneumostome
  • Mantle

The ability of the cockroach to live in cracks and crevices is enhanced by the possession of

  • Wings and segmented body
  • Compound eyes
  • Claws on the legs
  • Dorsa-ventrally flattened body

The caste of termites that lacks pigmentation is the

  • King
  • Worker
  • Soldier
  • Queen

The structures that prevent food particles from escaping through the fish gill

  • Arches
  • Filaments
  • Rakers
  • Lamellae

A distinguishing feature of mammals is the possession of

  • Skin
  • Scale
  • Nail
  • Hair

Which of the following structures is capable of producing more tissues in the stem of a herbaceous flowering plant?

  • Epidermis
  • Pericycle
  • Xylem
  • Cambium

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