Npower CBT Past Questions and Answers Download PDF

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Npower CBT Past Questions and Answers PDF. Batch C Npower applicant can now download the online test past questions and answers here.

To download the Npower Batch A & B online screening test past questions and answers follow the instructions on this page carefully.

Npower CBT Past Questions

Candidates applying for Npower Batch C, irrespective of the category (N-build, N-Creative, N-Tech or N-Teach) all candidates will take the online Computer Based Test examination.

Your ability to overcome the examination is the chance of being shortlisted. To avoid losing out, you need adequate preparation for the examination and one of the best tool for preparation is past questions.

We have compiled the complete past questions for all category from the previous Npower online examination to enable the batch C candidates prepare very well for the forthcoming examination.

No candidate is willing to miss this great opportunity therefore, see how to download the Npower CBT past questions and answers PDF below.

The Npower CBT test past questions is in two (2) categories, free version and premium version. The free version contains the questions online while the premium versions contains the complete past questions and correct answers.

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How to Download Npower CBT Past Questions and Answers

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Free Version of Npower CBT Past Questions

A nonagon has many sides?

  • 5
  • 3
  • 8
  • 7

I _______ much better in the test but I misread the direction for writing

  • Could have done
  • Must have done
  • Will have done
  • May have done
  • Can have done

______ designed the Nigerian flag?

  • Flora Shaw
  • Taiwo Akinwunmi
  • Tunde Orimolade
  • Lord Lugard
  • Lord Macpherson

A leap year is that year that has _________

  • 29 days in February
  • 31 days in March
  • 30 days in May
  • 28 days in February
  • 31 days in November

Choose the one that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the uppercase word

Donations should not be COMPULSORY

  • Voluntary
  • Gratuitous
  • Obligatory
  • Necessary
  • Mandatory

Which is the smallest fraction among the following?

  • 3/4
  • 6/7
  • 1/2
  • 6/5

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