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AAUA Post UTME Past Questions and answers download pdf, Adeukunle Ajasin University aptitude test past questions and how to download is on this page.

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AAUA Post UTME Past Questions

Adekunle Ajasin University Post UTME can be a walkover, yes it is possible. In this article, we have highlighted ways in which AAUA post utme past questions answers help the prospective students.

What is Post UTME About?

Post-UTME is also known as an aptitude test. This examination convinces the school that the student seeking for examination in their institution is fully qualified.

To be successful in AAUA admission screening, you must have had a JAMB cut-off mark then at least 180 in the post UTME/aptitude test depending on your department.

Benefits of Preparing with AAUA Post UTME Past Questions

The points below are practical facts that have worked for other candidates over the years which they return to share the testimonies.

  1. This material will help you build time cautiousness
  2. AAUA aptitude test past questions will boost your self-confidence
  3. Some questions may likely repeat
  4. You will understand what is expected of you in exams
  5. Your current preparation level will be accessed
  6. On the exams day, there will be les of tension as you already know and have an experience of the exams environment
  7. Surprisingly yes, you can prepare with just this material and still come out very successful

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Sample of AAUA Post UTME Past Questions

A rational consumer will adjust his spending pattern so that:

  • the marginal utility he gets from the last naira spent on each item is the same
  • the total amount of money he spends on each item is the same
  • the total utility he gets from each item is the same
  • the marginal utility he gets from the last unit of each item is the same

The sum of all the marginal utilities a consumer derives from the consumption of extra units of a commodity is known as:

  • average utility
  • time utility
  • total utility
  • marginal utility

The ordinals approach to the theory of consumer behaviour is based on the following assumption except that:

  • the consumer acts rationally
  • the consumer’s taste, habit and income are consistent
  • utilities are measurable in monetary value
  • there are only two commodities existing in the market and their prices are known

The demand for a commodity not directly for immediate consumption but for the production of another commodity is:

  • joint demand
  • composite demand
  • derived demand
  • competitive demand

The responsiveness of demand to a change in income is termed:

  • income elasticity of demand
  • cross elasticity of demand
  • price elasticity of demand
  • money income index

In Ekiti State, the demand curve for rice in every household is downward sloping because:

  • the higher the price of rice, the lower the quantity of rice to be demanded
  • rice is produced in the state
  • every household has access to the market
  • there is excess supply

An increase in the demand for pen raises the demand for ink. This type of demand is called:

  • competitive demand
  • composite demand
  • complementary demand
  • derived demand

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