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ABSU Post UTME Past Questions and Answers Pdf download. See how to get Abia State University aptitude test past questions and answers below.

Intent students of Abia State University can download the comprehensive past questions and answer Science, Social Science, Law, Art and other faculties.

ABSU Post UTME Past Questions 

ABSU Post UTME past questions and answers are designed to help candidates pass the forthcoming aptitude test. If you wish to get this past questions and answers then see below.

It is sad to say, out of 100% of students seeking admission, 95% will have the JAMB cut-off mark but unfortunately, about 30% only will be admitted, why?

The reason is that some candidates are overconfident of themselves, as such are knock out because of Post UTME or aptitude test.

One of the best material you can actually prepare with is ABSU Post UTME past questions and answers, reasons being that, it is the institution that set the previous year questions so by getting this material to study you will discover the following

  • Patterns which questions are set
  • Areas you need to cover for the exams
  • The school marking scheme and
  • Maybe questions will repeat

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Sample of Abia State University Post UTME Past Questions

Art Questions – Literature

Romeo’s melancholic mood at the play’s beginning is because

  • He is unhappy with the between the Capulet and the Montague’s
  • He finds the morning air disagreeable to his health
  • Cannot convince Benrolio to follow him to the party
  • He is suffering from the pangs of unrequited love

Which of the following phrases represents most accurately old Capulet’s reaction to Juliet’s r marry Paris?

  • Gentle and tolerant
  • Indifferent and rough
  • Impatient and tyrannical
  • Boastful and unctuous

The main purpose of a state of a satire is to

  • Heighten the personality of the main character in a story
  • Attack the government
  • Incite the reader to rebellion
  • Ridicule or treat a subject or idea with contempt

A prologue usually occurs at the

  • Middle of a poem
  • End of a novel
  • Beginning of a play
  • None of the above

In a literary work, the character whom the hero struggles against is called his

  • Alter ego
  • Opposite
  • Mentor
  • Antagonist

Government Questions

 Delegation is necessary because

  • The parliament has enough time
  • The parliament has all the expertise
  • Some bills are technical in nature
  • Some bills are easy to handle

The law of libel limits a citizen’s right of freedom of

  • Association
  • Movement
  • Worship
  • Expression

Voting at elections in Nigeria is limited to ages

  • 21 and above
  • 20 and above
  • 19 and above
  • 18 and above

Economics Questions

A major liability of a commercial bank arise from

  • Customers deposits
  • Loans and advances overdrafts
  • Staff allowances

Retailers in an economy perform the function of

  • Production
  • Exchange
  • Distribution
  • Investment

In a sole proprietorships the decision are made by the

  • Government
  • Board of directors
  • Owner
  • Shareholders conference

The meaning of wage-price spiral is

  • Demand pull and cost push inflation pulling each other in different
  • Demand pull and cost push intensifying each other
  • That wages and price are rising at a proportional rate
  • That demand pull and cost push inflation increase employment

Note: We have ABSU Post UTME Past Questions and Answers for all subjects.

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