EKSU Post UTME Past Questions
EKSU Post UTME Past Questions and Answers Download Pdf
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EKSU Post UTME Past Questions and Answers Download Pdf



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Ekiti State University EKSU Post UTME Past Questions and Answers Download Pdf. Download EKSU Post UTME past questions and answers here. Get a copy of Ekiti State University aptitude test past questions and answers.

Prospective students of Ekiti State University seeking to pass the forthcoming examination with flying colours should get the post UTME past questions and answers.

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Ekiti Post UTME Past Questions 

Ekiti State Post UTME 2021 is fast approaching and candidates seeking admission in this institution who passed JAMB can get this material for aid easy preparation.

There are several benefits candidates that purchase EKSU post UTME past questions and answers will enjoy, some of which include;

  • Questions can likely repeat
  • It will help you know your current preparation level
  • Based on the awareness and understanding you will get from this material, you will be confident of yourself.

EKSU Post UTME Past Questions Sample

A cliff on the bank of a river is 300m high. I f the angle of depression of a point on the opposite side of the river is 60o. Find the width of the river.

  • 5m
  • 4m
  • 7m
  • 173m
  • 8m

Which of the following expression is not true?

Sin 45 = cos45

  • Sin (-50) = -sin50
  • Cos 30 = sin 60
  • Cos Ө = Cos 360
  • Cos (-75) = -Cos 75

What is the sum of the first seven terms of the G.P. 2, 6, 18, ……..

  • 1093
  • 1458
  • 2800
  • 2186
  • 486

Given that the radius of the earth is R = 6,400km. Find the distance between the following points on the earth’s surface. P(30oN, 40oW) and Q(30oS, 40oW)

  • 4289km
  • 5624km
  • 8316km
  • 9549km
  • 6702km

The length of an arc of a circle of radius 3cm is 135½ cm long. Find the angle which the arc subtends at the centre of circle.

  • 5o
  • 5o
  • 95o
  • 105o

The mammalian skin secretes …………

  • Blood
  • Sulphur
  • Water
  • Silicon
  • Aluminium

Which of the follo ing is not true of Epiphytes

  • They are green plants
  • They obtain food from other plants
  • They attach to other plants
  • They use other plants for support
  • None of the above

The correct questions for these questions and others are in the complete material, see how to download below.

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