AGIP Recruitment Test Past Questions
AGIP Recruitment Test Past Questions and Answers Pdf
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AGIP Recruitment Test Past Questions and Answers Pdf

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AGIP Recruitment Test Past Questions and Answers Pdf. Download the up to date Agip interview screening past questions and answers.

Having applied for AGIP recruitment and had submitted your application successfully, the next step to do is prepare for the screening test.

You don’t have to stress or worry about the right materials to read to aide and ensure proper preparation because we have the complete past questions and answers for AGIP recruitment.

Fact About AGIP Recruitment Test Questions

The truth about the AGIP recruitment screening test /exams is that, from previous years the questions been set are not new rather it’s just repetition.

Congratulations already because it’s a rare opportunity you have being on this page because the complete past questions and answers gotten from the last 5 years of AGIP recruitment screening test has been put together in a single PDF file which will help you prepare adequately.

Studying this material is like having a preview of questions which you’re are taking during the test, just avail yourself this opportunity by downloading the material.

How to Purchase AGIP Past Questions

The cost for getting this E-book is Two Thousand Naira (N2,000). To process payment, use any of the payment option provided below.

ATM Card, Bank Transfer, Deposit or POS

To get this material pay the mentioned amount to the account below or click the button below to pay with your ATM card.

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How to Get the Material After Payment

Irrespective of the payment option used, once it is successful, simply forward proof of payment via WhatsApp to 09015127537 or call/SMS 07087135843.

Duration to Receive the Material

Ensure you notify us of your payment and once it is confirmed, the material will be sent to you within 10-15 minutes through email or WhatsApp.

Sample Questions

Find the centre and radius of the circle 8x2+8y2-24x-40y+18=0.

  • (3/2, 5/2) and r = 3/2
  • (-3/2, 5/2) and r = 5/2
  • (3/2, -5/2) and r = 3/2
  • (3/2, 5/2) and r = 5/2

Find the equation of the tangent to the circle 2x2 + 2 y 2  = 30 at the point (−3, 6) .

  • x + y – 15=0
  • x – 2y + 5=0
  • x + 2y – 5=0
  • x – 2y+15=0

A particle with rest mass m moves with speed 0.6c. Its kinetic energy is ……

  • 18mc2
  • 22mc2
  • 25mc2
  • mc2

Which of the following particles is stable?

  • Neutron
  • Proton
  • Pion
  • Muon

To travel at a constant speed, a car engine provides 24 KW of useful power. The driving force on the car is 600 N. At what speed does it travel?

  • 5 m s–1
  • 0 m s–1
  • 25 m s–1
  • 40 m s–1

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