FAAN Past Questions
FAAN Past Questions and Answers Pdf Download Updated Version Here
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FAAN Past Questions and Answers Pdf Download Updated Version Here

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The Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria FAAN recruitment past questions and answers Up to date PDF version is available for download on this page.

FAAN interview questions, FAAN recruitment exams past questions, Federal Airport Authority previous interview questions, if you search for any of these then you’re on the right page.

On this page you will download the latest version of FAAN past questions which will aide adequate preparation towards the forthcoming exams.

Whether you have attended FAAN interview before or not this material will serve as an ultimate guide which will enlighten you more about the exams.

Benefit of Studying FAAN Past Questions

  • Getting more enlighten about the exams generally
  • Having an idea of questions you’re likely to see
  • Questions are likely to repeat
  • It will help boost your self-confidence
  • It will as well examine your current preparation level and help you improve where necessary.

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Sample Questions

Rome was founded around ?

  • 1000 BC
  • 1200 BC
  • 1400 BC
  • 1600 BC

Which is considered as oldest civilization of the world ?

  • Mesopotamian Civilization
  • Egyptain Civilization
  • Harappan Civilization
  • Chinese Civilization

In which year American Revolution started ?

  • 1774
  • 1775
  • 1776
  • 1777

In which year American Independence was acknowledged by England ?

  • 1782
  • 1783
  • 1784
  • 1785

Who was the author of the “American Declaration of Independence” ?

  • Jefferson
  • Lafayette
  • George Washington
  • Thomas Paine

The Renaissance scientist who explained how planets moved around the sun was ?

  • Kepler
  • Rebelais
  • Francis Bacorr
  • Gutenberg

Russian revolutionary, who founded the Communist Party was

  • Stalin
  • Lenin
  • Trotsky

Who is also known as the founder of scientific socialism ?

  • Karl Marx
  • Lenin
  • Rousseau
  • Engels

Who said that “Man is a political animal” ?

  • Aristotle
  • Karl Marx
  • Lenin
  • Plato

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