School of Health Past Questions
School of Health Past Questions and Answers Download PDF
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School of Health Past Questions and Answers Download PDF



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School of Health Past Questions (Sample)

One of this is not a continuous variation

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Tongue rolling
  • Skin colour

One of the following is usually worm-like, cylindrical or flattened

  • Molluscs
  • Insects
  • Nematods
  • Annelids

The roots hairs are

  • Strength and support
  • Conducting liquid
  • Absorption of water and salt
  • Penetration into the soil

The random way genes recombine during meiosis and fertilization leads to

  • Genetic variation
  • Phenotype
  • Genome
  • Genotype

In a cell, the genes are carried by

  • Nuclear membrane
  • Chromatin threads
  • Lysosomes
  • Mitochondria

An ecosystem is composed of all of the following except:

  • Plants
  • Animals
  • Temperature
  • Meadows

In a food web, tertiary consumers belong to which trophic level

  • First
  • Second
  • Third
  • Fourth

The primary structure responsible for pumping blood for circulation through the mammalian circulatory systems is the

  • Veins
  • Right auricle
  • Arteries
  • Left ventricle

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