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Aspiring student of Babcock University can now download the up to date Babcock University Post UTME Past Questions and Answers pdf to help enhance their preparation for the exams.

Passing examination generally is not easy but preparing with the appropriate material can make it easy, to this end we have compiled the original and up to date Post UTME past questions and answers of Babcock University.

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Content of Babcock University Post UTME Past Questions

This material is in Portable Document Format (PDF) and it is downloadable into all device, easy to navigate and it covers for all discipline Arts, Science, Social Science and Commercial.

Why Download Babcock University (BU) Post UTME Past Questions

  • Having a better understanding of the question pattern
  • Observing the technicalities in their questions
  • Getting to know the frequently repeated questions
  • Knowing the areas of focus
  • Examining yourself and improving where necessary
  • Also from the answers attached to this material, you will understand the marking scheme and how you should go about answering questions during exams.

There are many more benefits of this material which you will get but aforementioned are the fundamental essence of downloading this past questions.

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Sample Questions

Choose the word/expression which best completes each sentence

  1. The giant hydro-electric project is among the ________ of colonial rule in Southern Africa A. inheritance B. remnants C. legacies D. evidence.
  2. During the inaugural address, the president ________ the activities of his government for the past eight years. A. reiterated B. reviewed C. restated D. recited.
  3. The world Bank team which visited the landlocked country ____ a bleak economics future for it A. forecast B. discovered C. thought of D. prophesied.
  4. We traveled all night and arrived _______ the Lagos motor park at six o‘clock in the morning A. by B. inside C, in D. at.
  5. We ought to stay away from this place _____ the robbers come back A. provided B. should in case C. in case D. since.
  6. The principle will be going away on ________ in his absence, the vice- principal will __________ the school.
  7. holidays/take over B. holiday/carry on C. holidays/care for D. holiday/look after.
  8. Enugu is not far from here, it is only an ______ A. hour of driving B. hour‘s drive C. hour by driving D. hours drive.
  9. Do you know if the new lecturer _______ yet? A. is arrived B. will be arriving C. has arrived D. had arrived.
  10. Had he known he ______ away A. will go B. will be going C. would have going D. will have gone.
  11. It is time we ______ A. should be going B. ought to go C. go D. went.
  12. He sent the children to play ________ he might be alone A. because B. so that C. since D. while.
  13. The frictional force between two bodies. A. Exists only when there is relative motion or tendency for motion B. Acts so as to oppose the motion C. Depends on the normal reaction between the two surfaces D. Has all of these characteristic
  14. An ice cube floats in a glass of water filled to the brim. What happens when the ice melts? A. The water level remains the same B. The water in the glass overflows
  15. There if a drop in the level of water in the glass due to condensation of its outside D. The levels of water drops because melted ice occupies less volume
  16. The internationally agreed system of units (SI) for physical measurements A. 1b, ft, sec B. g, m, sec C. kg, m, sec D. kg, cm, sec.

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