GTBank Past Questions
GTBank Past Questions and Answers PDF | Guaranty Trust Bank Aptitude Test Questions
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GTBank Past Questions and Answers PDF | Guaranty Trust Bank Aptitude Test Questions

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GTBank recruitment test past questions. Download the up to date Guaranty Trust Bank aptitude test past questions and solutions to aide adequate preparation.

GTBank recruitment past questions. GTB Job interview test past questions and answers PDF is up for download on this page. If you applied for Guaranty Trust Bank recruitment then you have to download material and start preparation.

The previous year’s screening test/interview questions of Guaranty Trust Bank recruitment has been put together and made available for download in PDF.

This file can be downloaded into any device be it Android, iPad, Laptop or desktop computer. Gaining employment or becoming a staff of GTBank is possible but you need to proof yourself worthy by passing the job aptitude test.

Whether this is your first time attending an interview or screening test with a bank or not, you don’t have anything to worry about because this material has been simplified to carry everyone along.

Why You Need GTBank Recruitment Past Questions

As an applicant there are things the bank expects you to do and failure to possess these qualities leads to disqualification, this is one of the reason why you need GTBank past questions and answers.

Also, through this material you will have insight of what you should expect. Furthermore, you will understand patterns which questions are being set and possibly the ways to answer.

Rehearsing these questions or studying these questions will really help because some are likely to repeat and also questions you will be asked are not really different.

There is no good thing that actually comes so easy, most times you have to make sacrifice to achieve what you want, see below how to get the past questions.

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Sample Questions

The removal of an auditor before the expiration of his/her term requires a special resolution and a notice of

  • 14 days.
  • 21 days.
  • 28 days.
  • 30 days.

Which of these is NOT true about the removal of an auditor?

  • Notice of intention to remove auditor must be sent to the auditor
  • CAC must be notified within 14 days of removal of company’s auditor
  • The auditor has the right to send representations to members who receive notice of AGM
  • The auditor can only be removed when he/she has completed his/her tenure.

The common name given to Statement of Comprehensive Income and Statement of Financial Position is

  • Prime accounts.
  • Final accounts.
  • Closing accounts.
  • End-of-the-year account.

N50 cash taken from the cash till and banked is posted as follow:

  • Debit Cash N50 and Credit Bank N50
  • Debit Bank N50 and Credit Cash N50
  • Cash N50 and Credit Cash N50
  • Debit Bank N50 and Credit Bank N50

In cost accounting, the total of direct labour cost, direct material cost and direct expense referred to as

  • Factory cost.
  • Total cost.
  • Prime cost.
  • Selling cost.

The bonus to be paid under the Rowan Scheme is determined as follows:

  • Half the time saved, multiplied by the hourly rate.
  • Time taken, divided by time allowed, multiplied by both the time saved and the hourly rate.
  • One third the time saved, multiplied by the hourly rate.
  • Hours worked, multiplied by the hourly rate.

These are few questions derived from GTBank recruitment past questions, to get the complete material kindly, process payment as shown above.

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