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Nigerian Airforce SSC & DSSC Past Questions and Answer PDF can be downloaded on this page. Are you searching for a material that will boost your preparation level and give you a upper hand over other applicant of the Nigerian Airforce recruitment then you have arrived the right page.

We have on this page both the free and premium version of the Nigerian Airforce SSC & DSSC past questions and answers all in PDF.

The Nigerian Airforce recruitment screening exams is not something anyone should approach without adequate preparation, this is why you need the past questions and answers.

Studying the past questions will enlighten you, give you more understanding and a better knowledge of what you should expect in the examination.

Nature of Nigerian Airforce SSC & DSSC Past Questions

The Nigerian Airforce SSC & DSSC screening exams anchors the following area; Overview of the Nigerian Airforce, Current Affairs, Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative or Numerical Reasoning, English Language, Mathematics and General knowledge.

The past questions and answers of Airforce SSC & DSSC screening exams covers the mentioned areas.

Note: This material is simply a compilation of previous Nigerian Airforce exams questions and experts have worked out solutions according the marking syllable.

Getting this material is a great opportunity because through studying it, success if fully guaranteed. See how to grab a copy of the past question below.

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Nigerian Airforce SSC & DSSC Sample Questions

I have the ………. of meeting him

  • Privilege
  • Privilege
  • Previledge
  • Priviledge
  • Privileges

My price for the shoes is fifty naira. I cannot ………. anything less than that.

  • Bear with
  • Settle for
  • Agree with
  • Tolerate
  • Settle with

The eldest son took a foolish decision which made him ………. his claim to the traditional title

  • Neglect
  • Yield
  • Disclaim
  • Forfeit
  • Neglected

The president’s speech ………. at 7pm yesterday.

  • Is broadcast
  • Has been broadcast
  • Were broadcast
  • Was broadcast
  • Have been broadcast

The students were-advised to look ………. difficult words in the dictionary.

  • In
  • On
  • Out
  • Into
  • Up

The building ………. because of weak structural foundation.

  • Tumbled
  • Succumbed
  • somersaulted
  • Collapsed
  • Collapsed

Since the writer did not indicate his name, the editor decided not to publish such ………. article

  • A discourteous
  • An anonymous
  • A cowardly
  • A libellous
  • Unfriendly


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