Nigerian Ports Authority NPA Past Questions
Nigerian Ports Authority NPA Past Questions and Answers Download PDF
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Nigerian Ports Authority NPA Past Questions and Answers Download PDF

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Nigerian Ports Authority Past Questions NPA Recruitment Past Questions and Answers PDF is now available for download on Past Questions Hub.

If you have intent of succeeding in the Nigerian Ports Authority recruitment then you must be well prepared for the screening examination.

The best material right now recommended and also very helpful is the NPA recruitment past questions and answers which is in PDF.

Avail yourself this opportunity that getting this material and then start preparation to avoid being taken unawares during examination day because this will be the case of many candidates.

NPA Recruitment Past Questions

Nigerian Ports Authority is a very busy body and as such may not necessary have the time to set new questions for each recruitment exercise being carried out.

The main thing you have to do now to enable you pass this exams well is downloading the Nigerian Ports Authority Past Questions and answers.

What Nigerian Ports Authority Past Questions Looks Like

The areas which questions are usually set from includes;

  • Basic Knowledge of Ports and Shipping Operations
  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Current Affairs
  • Brief History of Nigerian Ports Authority

The NPA recruitment exams past questions we have available for you contains these questions and correct answers have been provided according the NPA marking syllables.

How to Get NPA Past Questions

The Nigerian Ports Authority recruitment test past questions and answers cost Two Thousand Naira (NGN2,000). If you want to get this material then you will have to pay the amount by using either Payment Method 1 or Payment Method 2 as provided below.

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Payment Method 2 (Offline)

Payment the stipulated amount through bank deposit/transfer or use POS to pay b to the below account.

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How to Confirm Payment and Get Material

Once you’ve proceed payment and its successful, reach out to us for confirmation by sending payment proof either through WhatsApp: 09015127537 or SMS/Call 07087135843.

Assurance of Delivering the Material

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Kindly ensure you send proof of payment.

Sample Questions

A box contains 2 white and 3 blue identical marbles. If two marbles are picked at Random, one after the other, without replacement, what is the probability of picking two marbles of different colours?

  • 2/3
  • 3/5
  • 2/5
  • 7/20

Mrs. Jones is expecting a baby. The probability that it will be a boy is ½ and the probability that the baby will have blue eyes is ¼. What is the probability that she will have a blue-eyed boy?

  • 1/8
  • ¼
  • 3/8
  • 1/2

Uche and Chidi shared a sum of money on the ratio m:n. If Chidi’s share was N4,200.00, what was Uche’s share?

  • N4,200n/m
  • N4,200/mn
  • N4,200m/n
  • N4,200/n

A bicycle wheel of radius 42cm is rolled over a distance of 66m. How many revolutions does it make? [Take π=22/7]

  • 5
  • 5
  • 25
  • 50

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