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Ogun State SUBEB Past questions | Download the PDF version of Subeb examination previous questions and answers on this page.

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Samples Questions

In the following sentences, choose the world that is OPPOSITE IN MEANING to the word in italic/underlined in each of the sentences.

The officer has commended the cordial relationship existing between the soldiers and the civilians

A. disordered

B. confused

C. strained

D. unfortunate

Many foreign experts would like to establish in this country because the environment is congenial.

A. hostile

B. Inhospitable

C. aggressive

D. offensive

The new chairman has exhibited prudence in his handling of the revenue.

A. Impudence

B. Shabbiness

C. Dishonesty

D. recklessness

Three is no point dissipating energy on a useless argument.

A. destroying

B. marshalling

C. storing D. conserving

There is much apathy among youths nowadays towards reading novels.

A. indecision

B. indifference

C. enthusiasm

D. inclination

These are samples questions derived from the complete material. To get a copy of the complete material follow the payment instructions above.


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