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NNPC/SNEPCO Scholarship Past Questions

The NNPC/SNEPCO National University Scholarship scheme examination is fast approaching and you have to start preparing on time.

The outstanding guiding material which will help you achieve good success in the SNEPCO scholarship exams is past questions and answers.

SNEPCO scholarship past questions and answers available on this page is a compendium of the screening examination from 2000 to 2020 all in PDF.

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Sample / Screenshot of SNEPCO Scholarship Past Questions

Question 7

How many more Australian viewers watched sailing competitions compared with Greek viewers?

  1. 290
  2. 2900
  3. 29000
  4. 290000
  5. 2900000

Correct answer: E


The number of Australian sailing viewers is 775,000.

The number of Greek sailing viewers is 485,000.

The difference between the two = 775,000 – 485,000 = 290,000

Question 7

What is the approximate ratio of British football viewers to Australian football viewers?

  1. 5: 1
  2. 4: 1
  3. 16: 1
  4. 6: 1
  5. Cannot Say

Correct answer: A

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