PTDF Scholarship Past Questions
PTDF Scholarship Past Questions and Answers 2020 Download PDF | Petroleum Technology Development Fund
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PTDF Scholarship Past Questions and Answers 2020 Download PDF | Petroleum Technology Development Fund

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PTDF Scholarship Past Questions and Answers PDF. The Petroleum Technology Development Fund Scholarship exams previous Questions is available for download here.

Did you apply for PTDF Scholarship? Or did your ward, relative or friend applied for PTDF scholarship and seeking for material to read to ensure adequate preparation for the PTDF scholarship past exams?

To enable you prepare very well for the Petroleum Technology Development Fund scholarship exams you need to download the past questions and answers.

This is why we have made available for download the complete, comprehensive and up to date PTDF scholarship past questions available for download on this page.

The PTDF past questions and answers is mandatory for all candidates who applied for the scholarship and wish to be successful.

Now below are the benefits or need to study the Petroleum Technology Development Fund scholarship past questions.

Need to Study PTDF Past Questions

  • Through studying this material, you will be more enlighten about the exams
  • It will help build self-confidence
  • Questions are likely to repeat but may be rephrased
  • It will help you examine your current preparation level and possible ways to improve
  • When writing the exams because you studied the past questions, you will be answering with experience.

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Free PTDF Past Questions

Indicate the correct option in each of the following questions

Development outside a given firm which reduce the firm’s costs are called

  • internal economies
  • external economies
  • external diseconomies
  • optimum effects

I x represents the factors of production and Y represents the price factor. which of the following sets of association is correct?

  • (land, rent), (capital, wage), (labour, profit)
  • (capital, profit), (land, interest), (labour, wage)
  • (land, wage), (capital. interest), (labour, rent)
  • (land, rent), (capital, interest), (labour, wage)

If at 10k per kg, 1000kg of yam were purchased and at 5k per kg, 1500kg were purchased, the resultant point elasticity of demand is

  • 0.33
  •  0.0001
  • 1
  • 10,000

A situation in which all inputs are doubled and output also doubled is known as

  • constant proportions
  • constant returns
  • increasing returns to scale
  • constant returns to scale

Economic goods are termed scarce goods when they

  • not available in sufficient quantities to satisfy all wants for them
  • not produced in sufficient quantities to satisfy the effective demand for them
  • of high quality
  • of primary importance in satisfying the needs of society

Which of the following situations will give rise to economic problems?

  • unlimited human wants
  • wants of varying importance
  • limited means for satisfying wants
  • means used indifferent ways
  • 1


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