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Download Federal Poly Nasarawa Post UTME Past Questions and Answers PDF. Federal Polytechnic Nasarawa aptitude test questions.

Prospective students of Federal Polytechnic Nasarawa can download the lead guide post UTME past questions and answers for the institution.

If this is your first time walking through this lane i.e. first attempt of post utme examination, at this stage it is expected that there are few lapses.

Don’t worry the next paragraph give you a proper understanding of Post UTME examination.

Federal Poly Nasarawa Post UTME Past Questions

Post UTME otherwise known as aptitude test is the screening exercise conduction by an institution of study to help validate and select out suitable candidates for admission.

Candidates properly lose out of the admission process because of Post UTME/aptitude test. This outlines the real essence and importance of passing Post UTME.

Over time, prospective candidates of Federal Polytechnic Nasarawa according to statistics score high in JAMB but loose out during aptitude test, this is because Post UTME is far more technical but if you get our well compiled Federal Poly Nasarawa Post UTME past questions and answers success is already guaranteed.

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Sample of Federal Poly Nasarawa Post UTME Past Questions

Passage reading – Answer questions that follows.

It may be argued that museums as an institution and an agency for transmitting cultural heritage are an artificial creation, so far as objects are removed from their natural or proper environments and put into museums which are different environment altogether. However, it seems that museums themselves have come to be accepted and recognized as the best equipped institutions devised by man for the assemblage of cultural objects and their presentation and preservation for the present and future generations.

The artificial character of museums is however being gradually transformed into a cultural reality. Thus, just as one goes to the theatre for plays and other performing arts; the mosque, the church or the shrine for worship; the library for the printed word; today, it is to the museum one goes to see evidence of man’s material outfit. For, no other institution or place so readily comes to mind as museums do when evidence of material culture is sought. Herein lies the importance of museums as cultural institutions and an agency for transmitting culture.


Museums are an artificial creation because

  • They are an agency for transmitting cultural heritage
  • Natural or proper environments are removed and put into museums
  • Objects are removed from museums to natural or proper environments
  • Objects are removed from their natural or proper environments and put into museums

According to the passage, which of the following is NOT part of the main functions of museums?

  • Preservation
  • Generation
  • Presentation
  • Assemblage

Common sense requires that one should be decorous at formal gatherings.

  • Courteous
  • Careful
  • Impolite
  • Incurious

 The string was taut

  • Stretched
  • Loose
  • Firm
  • Tight

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