NNPC/Total Scholarship Past Questions & Answers Pdf Up-to-Date

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NNPC/Total Scholarship Past Questions and Answers pdf 2021. Download the up-to-date NNPC Total scholarship exams/aptitude test recent questions with solution.

2021 here implies that we have available the up-to-date version of NNPC total scholarship exams past questions ranging from 2010 till date.

Preparation for the forthcoming NNPC/Total scholarship exams is really necessary, as an applicant or candidates aiming to benefit from the Total scholarship you have to proof yourself worthy of the prize by succeeding in the scholarship exams.

NNPC/Total Scholarship Past Questions

In recent times, even intelligent candidates miss out on the train not because they didn’t prepare but because they prepared with the wrong material.

On this page, we have been able to make available the past questions and answers according to the marking syllables. Note we simply got these questions from the previous year’s exams been conducted and having access to this material means success already guaranteed.

Irrespective of the materials you’ve read, how intelligent you are, or whatever that may be boosting your morale, getting this material is still very necessary because you will discover so many things about succeeding in these exams.

Last year, we received so much feedback from candidates that got this material about their success and how simple the exams questions were through the help of this Ebook.

Features of NNPC/Total Scholarship Past Questions

By features I mean the nature or areas which the material covers which in turn are the main focus for the examination, these include:

  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Abstract Reasoning
  • General Knowledge
  • Spatial Reasoning (Not Always)
  • Current Affairs

NNPC/Total Scholarship Sample Questions

Find the sum of 7th term of the G.P. 12, 6, 3. Find the sum to infinity.

  • 14
  • 16
  • 40
  • 24

The twelfth term of an arithmetical progression is twice the sixth term. The first term is equal to

  • The common difference.
  • Half of the common difference.
  • Double the common difference.

From the words lettered A-E, choose the word that has the same consonant sound(s) as the one represented by the letter(s) underlined.


  1. chef
  2. chemist
  3. champagne
  4. chart
  5. chandelier

From the words lettered A-E, choose the word that has the same vowel sound as the one represented by the letter(s) underlined.


  1. berth
  2. path
  3. tour
  4. armour

The NNPC/Total scholarship exams 2020 is fast approaching therefore follow the steps below to get the material.

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