Seplat Scholarship Past Questions
Seplat Scholarship Past Questions and Answers Pdf
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Seplat Scholarship Past Questions and Answers Pdf

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Seplat Scholarship Past Questions and Answers Pdf. You can download on this page the Seplat JV scholarship screening exams past questions.

Did you apply for Seplat Scholarship? Was your application successfully submitted? Are you wondering the next line of action? Would you like to be successful in this scholarship?

Seplat Scholarship Past Questions

If your answer to these questions is yes then, you are on the right page because here you will access Seplat past questions and answers.

Areas which questions are being asked in Seplat Scholarship examination includes; Verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, Use of English and Current Affairs.

Succeeding in Seplat scholarship is not really a big deal if you get this material which will serve as a lead on how to adequately prepare Seplat Scholarship exams.

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Sample Questions

From the words lettered A to E, choose the word that best complete each of the following sentences

The fishermen threw a stone into the river and this caused a ________

  • Sprinkle
  • Sparkle
  • Splash
  • Spring
  • Storm

The play was so interesting that the clapped for quite a long time at the end.

  • Spectators
  • Watchers
  • Congregation
  • People
  • Audience

The building ____ because of weak structural foundation

  • Tumbled
  • Succumbed
  • Somersaulted
  • Collapsed
  • Caved

The magazine was ____ by the government for an offensive publication.

  • Prescribed
  • Proscribed
  • Suspended
  • Condemned
  • Persecuted

Many people reacted to the brutal murder of the popular journalist with strong____

  • Indignation
  • Demonstration
  • Mobilization
  • Condemnation
  • Accusation

The famous politicians was noted for his pragmatic approach to issues of national interest

  • Idealistic
  • Romantic
  • Compromising
  • Practical
  • Inconsistent
  • 42


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