Jim Ovia Muste Scholarship Past Questions
Jim Ovia Muste Scholarship Past Questions & Answers Download PDF
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Jim Ovia Muste Scholarship Past Questions & Answers Download PDF

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Jim Ovia Foundation scholarship past questions and answers PDF . You can download MUSTE Scholarship exams Past questions on this page, to get the questions read through this page carefully.

Are you intending registering for Jim Ovia Scholarship? Or have you registered already? Either of these the most important part is the preparation.

MUSTE Scholarship Past Questions

To gain this scholarship you need to prove yourself worthy of it and the best opportunity is now, to help you achieve this success we have compiled the comprehensive and easy to read Jim Ovia Scholarship past questions with answers.

The aim of this material is to help candidates applying for this scholarship have an idea of what the examination questions looks like then know how to go about the preparation.

Also questions from are most likely to repeat in this year’s examination, as such if you really have interest in the Jim scholarship then you have to download this past questions to ensure adequate preparation.

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Sample Questions

The following are continuous random variables except

  • The temperature of an object
  • The distance between two points
  • The population of a school
  • The marks obtained by a group students

The following are features of a standard normal curve except

  • It is bell-shaped
  • The area under the curve is 1
  • It is symmetric about the mean
  • The variance is zero

Find the geometric mean of the data: 5, 15, 10, 8, 12.

  • 72000
  • 1
  • 36
  • 10

One can easily determine the … of a distribution from histogram. A. mean

  • Mode
  • Median
  • Standard deviation.

The ……………… level of a test is the maximum probability of committing Type I error when the null hypothesis holds.

  • Acceptance
  • Rejection
  • Significance
  • Significant

The standard deviation of a statistic describes

  • The shape of its distribution.
  • The centre of its distribution.
  • The amount of skewness associated with its distribution.
  • The amount of variability associated with its distribution.

These are few questions extracted from the complete material, if you want to get Jim Ovia Scholarship up to date past questions and answers then click the DOWNLOAD NOW button.

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