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Download IVC Scholarship Past Questions and Answers PDF up to date 2024. International Vocational Centre Scholarship exams past questions and answers.

Are you an applicant for International Vocational Centre Scholarship? Was your application successful? Would you like to get the exams past questions and answers?

If yes, then see easy guidelines on how to download IVC scholarship past questions PDF. The International Vocation Centre scholarship examination is fast approaching and preparation is expected of each candidate.

It is highly commendable to get IVC Scholarship past questions and start preparation because through this material you stand a better chance of being successful.

Why Download IVC Scholarship Past Questions

Maybe right now this question maybe running through your mind about the benefit of having the International Vocational Centre Scholarship past questions. In the right sense, it is good to reason this way but for the sake of being successful in the exams you need this material.

  • Preparing with this material will enlighten you more about the exams
  • Questions may possibly repeat
  • You will already be acquainted with the exams pattern
  • Self-readiness will be examine, by studying the IVC scholarship past questions, you will discover areas you’re doing well and probably aspects you must improve.

Categories of IVC Scholarship

We have IVC scholarship exams past questions for each of the category below.

  • Primary Schools
  • Secondary Schools
  • College of Education
  • Polytechnics
  • Universities
  • Master’s Degree (MSC and MBA)

The comprehensive past questions and answers to each of this category is available. Note we have the free version of this material here and also the premium version.

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Download IVC Scholarship Past Questions (Steps)

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IVC Scholarship Sample Questions 

The image of the potter on the N20 note is that of…………………

  • Afi Ekong
  • Clara UgbodagaUgu
  • Ladi Kwali
  • Nike Okundaye

………………………is the process in clay preparation which involves pounding and kneading wet clay to remove air pockets or bubbles.

  • Wedging
  • Dredging
  • Threading
  • Throwing

Ceramic wares made from coarse clays that are fired at low temperatures are known as………………………….

  • Stoneware
  • Porcelain
  • Earthenware
  • Silica

Lost Wax Process is also known as ……………………

  • Casting process
  • Filing process
  • Duplicating process
  • Cire perdue

What is the difference between the beeswax and the paraffin wax?

  • The beeswax is finer than the paraffin wax.
  • The paraffin wax has better resistance than the beeswax.
  • Beeswax has better resistance than paraffin wax.
  • The paraffin wax is of lower quality than the beeswax.

What is the simple difference between tie and dye, and stitch and dye techniques?

  • Tie and dye involve tying, while stitch and dye involve stitching.
  • Tie and dye takes longer to finish, while stitch and dye take a shorter period.
  • None of the above.
  • Tie and dye have a better finish than the stitch and dye.

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