ABU Post UTME Past Questions
Ahmadu Bello University ABU Post UTME Past Questions and Answers
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Ahmadu Bello University ABU Post UTME Past Questions and Answers

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ABU Post UTME past questions and answers download. Prospective candidates can download Ahmadu Bellow University aptitude test.

Are you a prospective candidates of Ahmadu Bello University? Would you like to overcome the challenge of failing ABU aptitude test? Generally candidates are afraid of examination but with ABU Post UTME past questions and answers, success is definitely guarantee.

It is unavoidably important to prepare for any exams using past questions and answers as one of the fundamental tool / material. Talking about Ahmadu Bellow University Post UTME or aptitude test as some call it, you have tons of benefits some of which are highlighted below.

Benefits of Ahmadu Bello University Post UTME Past Questions

Being that the past questions of here are directly questions and answers set by Ahmadu Bellow University, candidates that prepares for the examination using this material are indirectly opportune or expose to their forthcoming examination.

It is important to note that in most cases, the institution may not have time to set fresh questions altogether, rather the randomly pick questions from the past questions and set for the current year.

Take for instance, you have ABU Post UTME past questions and answers then on exams date, questions directly from the past questions repeat although it may not follow the same order but the answers remain the same.

Now you see how important it is to have a personal copy of ABU post UTME past questions to enhance your reading and preparation status.

How to Get ABU Post UTME Past Questions and Answers

We have below free questions of Ahmadu Bellow University post utme from past years. Note, the questions below are only few compared to real material which has to be paid for.

To get the complete version of these questions and answers kindly make payment of One Thousand Five Hundred Naira (N1,500) into the account below.

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ABU Post UTME Past Questions Free Version

Comprehend the passage below and provide correct answers to questions that follows

While censorship is not the way of this land, we must take into account the effect of musical lyrics that influence young listeners. How often do we find ourselves singing a tune or repeating a phrase from a song instinctively, without stopping to ponder the meaning of the words? When these words are demeaning to any group of people or when they incite violence, we are unknowingly repeating phrases of hate. How long does it take until those phrases become worn into our patterns of thought and we find ourselves believing the words we mindlessly hummed?

A used in the passage, the word demeaning most nearly means

  • distasteful
  • complimentary
  • insulting
  • delightful

The author implies that the most important aim of the right to free speech is

  • The ability to disagree with Congress
  • The ability to say whatever you want to say whenever you want
  • The right to express our opinions freely
  • The right to listen to violent music

The author attempts to persuade the reader with

  • Statistics
  • Impassioned generalizations
  • Historical quotations
  • Anecdotes and examples

This passage is most likely from

  • speech given to a radio station
  • textbook on the constitution
  • magazine article on American music
  • editorial in a school newspaper

The passage seems to imply that

  • Our mind is dull in receiving data
  • Our subconscious is sometimes the mo t active
  • Songs are harmful
  • Our rights are very exclusive

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