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FUKASHERE Post UTME Past Questions and Answers Pdf. The Federal University of Kashere, Gombe State aptitude test past questions and answers can be downloaded here.

As a prospective candidate of the Federal University of Kashere, Gombe State do you know the requirements to gain admission into the institution? If you have the requirements bravo but there is one more thing to be done.

The next important thing apart from having the basic requirements for FUKASHERE admission is passing the Post UTME / aptitude test.

FUKASHERE Post UTME Past Questions

Are you aware of the thousands of candidates seeking admission into the same department as yours? Do you know that gaining admission into the Federal University of Kashere is rare?

I am not saying all this to make you scared rather I am being very realistic and helping you understand your position currently.

Whether you have been reading or not one of the most outstanding materials that will boost your preparation level if FUKASHERE Post UTME Past Questions.

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Benefits of FUKASHERE Post UTME Past Questions

Having and studying this material will definitely boost your preparation level and self-confidence for the forthcoming FUKASHERE Post UTME.

Aside this, the questions are very much likely to repeat. We have the complete FUKASHERE Post UTME Past Questions and answers till date.

This means having the opportunity to study this material is almost like presenting the questions you’re about writing, am not saying you should depend on the material only but the importance and real essence of past questions cannot be over-emphasized.

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Sample Questions

Provided an elastic limit is not exceeded, the extension is

  • Inversely proportional to the load or applied force
  • Directly proportional to the load or applied force and temperature
  • Simply constant
  • Directly proportional to the load or applied force
  • Proportional to the sliding scale used.

The addition of impurities to semiconductors to boost their activities is termed.

  • Skimming
  • Dopping
  • Boosting
  • Catalyzing
  • None of the above

The ability of a body to set another body into vibration but in its own fundamental frequency is termed

  • Superposition
  • Resonance
  • Forced vibration
  • Interference
  • Paraposition

From the option A-D choose the appropriate word or word group that best completed each of the following sentences.

The leader of the Red Cross team and Chairman of the political party in the state my friend

  • Are
  • Is
  • Were
  • Have

Bread and butter our favorite meal

  • Were
  • Is
  • Are
  • Is bearing

When Musa arrived, Obi as well as the son in the shop

  • Were
  • Is
  • Are
  • Was

In order to succeed in life you very hard.

  • Must have work
  • Must have to work
  • Ought must have to work

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