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UI Post UTME Past Questions and Answers Download Pdf. Download the thorough University of Ibadan Post UTME past questions and answers. Get UI aptitude test questions and answers here.

The University of Ibadan approved past questions and answers is available on this page and prospective students of the institution can get a copy to further prepare for the forthcoming examination.

If is quite unfortunate, even if you score 310 in JAMB but fail the aptitude test you won’t be offered admission. It is even better to score 200 both in JAMB and Post UTME to increase your chance of gaining admission.

UI Post UTME Past Questions

To help students overcome the unavoidable fear of post UTME or aptitude test, we have compiled compressively and comprehendible University of Ibadan Post UTME past questions and answers.

There are tremendous and enticing reasons which candidates that have or prepares for exams with Post UTME past questions stand to gain, some of which include.

  • Self-confidence will be boosted
  • You will understand how the University of Ibadan Post UTME is set
  • The candidate will be exposed to the pre-examination environment
  • In your first attempt to answer the questions, you will know your true preparation status
  • Questions are most likely to repeat

We recommend candidates that purchase this material should first attempt answering questions on their own and then use the correct answers provided to validate their own answers.

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Sample of UI Post UTME Past Questions

______ is the name of the political head of Zaria

  • Obi
  • Emir
  • Oba
  • Alaafin

_______ was the state which was thrown into anarchy and turmoil as a result of the opening of

the Muni, the sacred heritage by the king under the prompting of Muslim Missionaries.

  • Kanem
  • Salem
  • Njimi
  • Chad

Before getting to Nigeria, River Niger passed across _____

  • Mali
  • Kanem
  • Chad
  • Morocco

Oba is the name of the political head of

  • Benin
  • Kano
  • Bornu
  • Sokoto

The Amazon (female warriors) Participated actively in defending which of these kingdoms

  • Oyo empire
  • Benin empire
  • Dahomey Kingdom
  • Ghana

The Form of economy of pre-colonial Nigerian peoples was _______

  • Capitalist
  • Socialist
  • Communist
  • Subsistence

The Fulani Jihadists were halted in 1840 at the battle of _____

  • Tondibi
  • Ngala
  • Adowa
  • Oshogbo

Choose the option that best completes the gap:

University students ……………..behave well.

  • Can
  • Should
  • May
  • Must
  1. Gloria ………….. have finished the project two days ago.
  • Must
  • May
  • Can
  • Supposed to

You are Goodluck, …..?

  • Are you?
  • Aren’t you?
  • Are’nt you?
  • Don’t
  • You?

He ……………. not come now

  • Needs
  • Needed
  • Need
  • Will need

Janet …..to know that we are all here.

  • Suppose
  • supposes
  • Is supposed
  • Should suppose

Let it be ….. that there was no king in Ayegun.

  • Know
  • Knew
  • Known
  • Knows

We shall see you soon, …..?

  • Shall we?
  • Shan’t we?
  • Shouldn’t we
  • Should we

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