DSS/SSS Recruitment Past Questions
DSS Recruitment Past Questions and Answers Download Pdf
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DSS Recruitment Past Questions and Answers Download Pdf

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DSS/SSS recruitment past questions and answers can be downloaded here pdf. We available the complete version of State Security Service interview exams past questions with correct answers.

Did you register for DSS/SSS recruitment? Was your application successful? If yes, the next line of action is to start preparation for the forthcoming examination and the best material to ensure adequate preparation is DSS/SSS past questions.

The Department of State Security Service recruitment is one of the most difficult exams because of the nature of the job but however, we have compiled from the previous recruitment exercise questions and answers to help you overcome it easily.

Nature of DSS/SSS Recruitment Past Questions

You might be wondering the nature of DSS/SSS interview or how to prepare for it, the materials to read, areas to focus and other things.

Basically, the SSS interview questions consist of Current Affairs, Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning, Overview and responsibilities of SSS, History and General knowledge.

In this material, all of these areas has been covered accordingly and correct answers has been provided based on the DSS/SSS marking syllables.

See how to download DSS interview past questions and answer below.

How to Acquire DSS/SSS Past Questions

Gaining access to DSS/SSS recruitment past questions requires payment of Two Thousand Naira (NGN2,000) only and payment can be made using any of the medium below most convenience for you.

Online Payment

The first payment option is online which allows you to use your ATM debit card and process payment. To use this method click the blue DOWNLOAD NOW button at the beginning of this page.

Bank Deposit/Transfer/POS

Another payment method available is bank deposit, transfer or POS. You can send the stated amount to the account below;

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What to Do After Payment

After successful payment, send a screenshot or snapshot of teller or receipt via WhatsApp to 09015127537 or call/SMS 07087135843.

Sample of DSS Past Questions (General Knowledge)

The Military Governor called for a concerted effort in solving the problems of the state.

  • A dramatic
  • An agitated
  • A joint
  • A direct
  • An unfailing

Gone are the days when he ………. Enjoy patronage

  • Would
  • Will
  • Could
  • Used to
  • Can

All ………. Well with Peter.

  • Are not
  • Have not been
  • Were not
  • Is not
  • Aren’t

The villagers looked ………. their leader for good examples.

  • Up to
  • Onto
  • Up at
  • Forward to
  • Into

Emeka failed because the examination was ………. difficult for him.

  • So
  • Very
  • Highly
  • Too
  • Much

The dancers were all in ………. before their departure.

  • Good spirits
  • Good spirit
  • High spirit
  • High spirits
  • High spirit

The suspect defrauded his ………. victim of large sums of money.

  • Unsuspected
  • Unsuspecting
  • Suspecting
  • Unexpected
  • Unexpecting

The judge acquitted the accused all the eight counts.

  • Of
  • In
  • From
  • Upon
  • On

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