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Do you need Exxon Mobil Past Questions and Answers 2024? Exxon Mobil aptitude test past questions? Dragnet past questions for Exxon mobil or internship.

The up-to-date past questions and answers for the Exxon Mobil job interview have been uploaded on this page for download.

The prospective staff of Exxon Mobil that filled out the application form and has been invited for screening tests can start preparation with this guide.

Getting employed in Exxon Mobile is not a joke and bear in mind that there are hundreds to thousands of other candidates seeking this opportunity?

To help you achieve success easily Past Question Hub has put together the recent questions and answers of the Exxon Mobil screening test.

Why Download Exxon Mobil Past Questions 2024?

One of the fundamental questions you might seek to know is the main essence and what function Exxon Mobil Past Questions will help you.

There are so many ways in which this material will assist you in the preparation process but below are few needs for Exxon Mobil aptitude test past questions.

  • It acknowledges you about the forthcoming examination
  • A better understanding of ExxonMobil test Questions
  • Through preparation with this material, your current level of preparation will be made known
  • The major areas to focus on will be disclosed
  • Exxon Mobile aptitude test past questions will serve as a proper guide for preparation.

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Brief Overview of ExxonMobil

ExxonMobil is not a hidden or unannounced company in Nigeria, Africa, and the world at large. It is one of the most recognized oil and Gas Company

Energy access is the foundation of human comfort, mobility, economic prosperity, and social progress. It influences just about every aspect of everyday life. Through its long history of more than a century, ExxonMobil has grown from a small kerosene marketer to an international oil and chemical innovator, and one of the world’s largest publicly traded firms.

An industry leader in almost every area of the energy and chemical manufacturing sector, we operate facilities or sell goods in most countries around the world, exploring six continents for oil and natural gas, and researching and designing next-generation innovations to help meet the dual challenge of boosting global economies and addressing the risks of climate change.

Exxon Mobil Recruitment Process

Exxon Mobil recruitment or assessment test process is just like every other recruitment process which starts from the application form, shortlisting then aptitude test.

The forthcoming screening is for persons that earlier filled and submitted the application form, then shortlisted.

To pass this screening or aptitude test is the guarantee or proof that you’re qualified for employment at Exxon Mobil.

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Exxon Mobil Aptitude Test Past Questions

The areas covered by this material are Numerical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, General Knowledge, Current Affairs, and Oil and Gas Questions.

After studying this material, you will have a better understand and technical know-how to passing the Exxon Mobil assessment test with ease.

Exxon Mobil Past Questions (Sample)

If a = 3 and b = -2, what is the value of a2 + 3ab – b2?

(A) 5

(B) -13

(C) -4

(D) -20

(E) 13

34 is what percent of 80?

(A)          34%

(B)          40%

(C)          42.5%

(D)          44.5%

(E)          52%

Jack and Kevin play in a basketball game. If the ratio of points scored by Jack to points scored by Kevin is 4 to 3, which of the following could NOT be the total number of points scored by the two boys?

(A)          7

(B)          14

(C)          16

(D)          28

(E)          35

Factor the following expressi n: x2 + x – 12

(A) (x – 4) (x + 4)

(B) (x – 2) (x + 6)

(C) (x + 6) (x – 2)

(D) (x – 4) (x + 3)

(E) (x + 4) (x – 3)

The average of s x numbers is 4. If the average of two of those numbers is 2, what is the average of the other four numbers?

(A) 5

(B) 6

(C) 7

(D) 8

(E) 9

What is the next-highest prime number after 67?

(A)          68

(B)          69

(C)          71

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