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OAUTHC Recruitment Past Questions and Answers Pdf. Download the up to date OAUTHC Job Aptitude Test Past Questions to aide preparation.

Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospitals recruitment screening exercise will soon commence and shortlisted candidates wishing to get appointment must pass the aptitude test.

If you’re a candidate of OAUTHC recruitment and searching online for material to help you prepare for this exams, search no more as we have the original and up to date past questions and answers of this recruitment.

This material will be very helpful to you based the commentary we got concerning the material from candidates of OAUTHC last recruitment.

Downloading this material does not mean you don’t know how best to prepare for this exams but on getting this material you will discover certain technicalities in OAUTHC recruitment aptitude test.

Nature of OAUTHC Recruitment Past Questions

You might be wondering what‘s the content of this material, at first you need to understand that this material is in Portable Document Format (PDF) and is downloadable and accessible by any device.

This material is simply the compilation of OAUTHC previous recruitment exams questions and correct answers are provided according to the marking scheme.

Below are the areas which questions are set from;

  • Health Related Questions
  • Non-Medical Questions
  • Mathematics
  • English Language
  • Current Affair
  • History
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Quantitative Reasoning

Importance of Downloading OAUTH Job Aptitude Test Past Questions

These are numerous reasons why you need this material but highlighted below are the most demanding aim of download it.

  • To have a clear insight of what OAUTHC job aptitude test looks like
  • Know the way and manner which questions are set
  • Discover which areas do questions frequently come from
  • Through studying this material, you will get familiar with the questions pattern and off course taking note of repeated questions
  • Getting to know the marking scheme and lastly
  • Test your current preparation level and see possible ways of improving by the help of this material.

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Sample Questions

Choose the expression or world which best completes the sentence________ for the term for six years, he decided to join another      

A. When he played

B. Playing

C. Having played

D. When he was playing.

The bridge connecting the two cities was ______ by the enemy

A. blown up

B. blown down

C. having played

D. when he was playing.

My little boy is suffering ________ jaundice

A. from

B. of

C. for

D. with.

They went to the market and bought a suitcase and ______ bag

A. a big leather brown

B. a leather brown big

C. a big brown leather

D. a brown big leather.

By the end of this year, ______ in this town for eleven years.

A. I‘m living

B. I‘d be living

C. I‘ll have lived

D. I have lived.

If he had left home earlier, he ________ late.

A. would not be

B. would have not been

C. would have been not

D. would not have been.

I saw you walking in that direction but I did not know exactly _______

A. where are you going

B. where you were going

C. to where you were going

D. where you are going.

The hill behind the town was so steep.

A. That no man could find a foot-hold on

B. For no man to find a foothold on

C. For any man to find a foot-hold on

D. That no man could find a foot-hold on it.

Walking down the Street _________

A. the boy was knocked down by a car

B. a car knocked the boy down

C. the boy was knocked down by car

D. a car collided with the boy.

The project which seemed very near realization ________ because of lack of funds.

A. Fell over

B. fell through

C. fell in

D. fell off.

OAUTHC Recruitment Health Related Questions 

The common feature of reactions at the anode is that A. electrons are consumed B. oxidation is involved C. irons are reduced D. the electrode dissolves.

Ethane undergoes mainly addition reactions because it is A. gas B. a hydrocarbon C. unsaturated D. a covalent compound.

The position of equilibrium in a reversible reaction is affected A. particle size of the reactants B. change in concentration of the reactants C. presence of a catalyst D. change in size of the reaction vessel.

The reactions between alkanoic acids and alkanols in the presence of a mineral acid is known as A. sapontification Hydrolysis C. Polymerization D. etherification.

A fundamental similarity between nervous and hormonal system is that both A. involve chemical transmission B. have widespread effects C. shed chemical into the blood stream D. evoke rapid response

The irreversible life process by which new protoplasm is added to increase the size and weight of an organism can be termed A. anabolism B. catabolism C. growth D. Development.


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