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Students that seek to merit the NNPC/SPDC scholarship opportunity are usually put through a screening test to ensure only the best and well deserve are awarded the scholarship.

To this end, students that want to benefit have to prepare immensely for the aptitude test and that is why you need the past questions and answers of NNPC/SPDC scholarship previous exams.

You have to note that the first step in the NNPC/SPDC scholarship award is the application process where you have to fill the online application form.

Ensure to meet the requirements before proceeding with the registration, the criteria for candidates is been stated on the application portal.

We also have available for download NNPC/Total Scholarship Past Questions.

Why Download NNPC/SPDC Scholarship Past Questions and Answers?

I suppose before arriving at this page you must have had an insight into the benefits of download this material.

The NNPC/SPDC scholarship is mainly for two categories which are; Host Community and National Award, irrespective of the category you fall under, it is necessary you get the past questions.

Now, in what way will the past questions be of benefit to you after studying them?

  • It will help you have an insight into the forthcoming NNPC/SPDC aptitude test
  • You get to understand the area of focus
  • Questions are being repeated

These and many more are the things you will gain after studying this material.

Features of NNPC/SPDC Scholarship Past Questions

The NNPC/SPDC Scholarship Past Questions and answers available on this page have been compiled into a pdf file which can be accessed by any device.

It covers from 2010 till the date of the NNPC/SPDC scholarship aptitude test previous questions and answers are available as well.

Just like the aptitude test categories, the questions cover; English Language, Numerical Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning, and Current Affairs.

You can also get the up-to-date NNPC/SNEPCO Scholarship Past Questions.

Sample Questions

A stone thrown upward has an acceleration that is

(A) smaller than that of a stone thrown downward

(B) the same as that of the stone thrown downward

(C) Greater than that of a stone thrown downward

(D) Zero until it reaches the highest point in its path

(E) None of the above

A car towing a trailer is accelerating on a level road. The car exerts a force on the trailer whose magnitude is

(A) the same as that of the force the trailer exerts on the car

(B) The same as that of the force the trailer exerts on the road

(C) the same as that of the force the road exerts on the trailer

(D) greater than that of the force the trailer exerts on the car

(E) None of the above

A solenoid has 2000 turns on its 40cm length. if What is the magnetic field intensity at its centre
does it carry a current of 5A?
(A) 0.314A
(B) 3.14A
(C) 0.0314A
(D) 314A
(E) 31.4A

How long does a bicycle with an acceleration of 0.8m/s2 take to go from 4 to 12m/s?

(A) 6.4s

(B) 10s

(C) 15s

(D) 26s

(E) None of the above

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